Traditional Chinese Medicine

坐月子 or "Sitting the Month” is widely observed by Chinese women as this time is said to have the ability to rid a mother of her pre-existing illnesses with the help of the openness of the body. Over thousands of years, Chinese women adopted these practices with the belief that the first 40 days post birth, sets one up for the next 40 years, taking her to her menopausal years where they will be welcomed with vibrancy and zest as opposed to hormonal symptoms.

In Chinese culture, women will prioritise her postpartum recovery; whether it is with the help of professional confinement nannies, mothers, mother in laws or relatives. One major component of postpartum recovery is nourishment through food and Chinese herbs.

The term "confinement" often brings dread to those who hear it, conjuring up images of a jail cell and gloominess. The reason we named ourselves "Elan" is to alter the stigma of "confinement". "Elan" is a French word for energy, flair and enthusiasm. Elan hopes that the postpartum period allows a new mother to emerge restored and rejuvenated whilst still acknowledging the traditional roots of this sacred practice. The herbs we have carefully selected with The Herborium reflect our philosophy of reinvigorating traditional concepts to support us in our every day lives as mothers and they have gone through many rounds of taste testing to make them palatable to the modern woman whilst remaining healing and restorative.