Our Mission

Confidence. Clarity. Calm.

Discover a new world of luxury postpartum care.

Elan House is a world-class wellness retreat dedicated exclusively to nurturing, nourishing and empowering new mothers.

We offer personalised postpartum support, vital nutrition, physical rehabilitation and expert advice, helping women navigate the early stages of motherhood with confidence and clarity.

A sophisticated sanctuary from the pressures and distractions of daily life, Elan is a tranquil organic environment where new mothers can rest and revitalise, bonding with baby and emerging with the energy and insight to thrive in their new role.

Our Story

For too long we have accepted that exhaustion, sleep deprivation, illness and stress are an expected part of early motherhood. While our lifestyles, workloads and ambitions have advanced, our expectations of early motherhood have not changed for generations, and the myth of the Supermum is eclipsing the age-old wisdom that it takes a village to raise a child.

Elan House offers a contemporary interpretation of the ancient Chinese tradition of ‘sitting the month’. Dispelling the myths and misconceptions about traditional confinement, new mothers are not hidden away but embraced by a restful and inspiring environment that allows them space, support and comfort to restore their vitality while bonding with baby.

Our knowledgeable and passionate team provides tailored postpartum care including expert advice and on-call assistance, nutritious meals and physical rehabilitation, allowing new mothers to focus completely on rest, recuperation and navigating these first steps of a remarkable lifelong journey.

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Elan House
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