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Elan Moxa Sticks
Elan Moxa Sticks

Elan Moxa Sticks

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In Traditional Chinese Medicine, moxa is utilized within postpartum care to provide healing benefits for mothers. Moxibustion is a TCM technique that is often used in conjunction with acupuncture. Derived from mugwort leaves, the burning of moxa sticks strengthens the blood, stimulates Qi (or energy), and maintains good health. The heat generated through moxibustion can enter the meridians unblocking any stagnation and allowing energy to flow.

It is common to use smokeless versions of moxa sticks to avoid the dangers of smoke indoors as well as strong odours. This also means that Mother Warming Therapy treatments can be conducted in the comfort of your own home.

Each box includes 2 smokeless moxa sticks with each stick measuring 1.8cm in diameter x 12cm in length.

Suitable during postpartum. 

Learn more about Mother Warming Therapy here



How to use

What do you need: 

  • 1 smokeless moxa stick 
  • Lighter 
  • Ceramic or glass jar
  • Uncooked rice (optional)

Start by lighting one end of the Moxa stick with a long-handled lighter or candle. It may take 20 seconds or so for the moxa stick to light. Hold the other end of the moxa stick securely and place the lit end over your abdomen and uterus.

Maintain a safe distance with the lit moxa stick, keeping the moxa stick 5cm away from your body. Never touch the lit end of the moxa stick directly on to your skin. You will feel warm from within as you slowly wave the lit moxa stick across your body. Tap off any excess ash from the lit end of the moxa stick regularly into your ceramic or glass jar to avoid it falling on to your skin. This ensures that the moxa stick stays warm but also keeps you free from burns. Moxibustion therapy is usually performed for 15 minutes.

To extinguish the moxa stick, gently place the lit moxa inside of a glass jar and screw the lid on tight. Once the stick has been contained in an airtight container, the moxa stick stick will extinguish. Alternatively you can submerge in and out the lit end of the moxa stick into a cup of uncooked rice in a mason jar, ensuring the entire lit end is completely covered.

Please note that moxa sticks can take some time to cool down even when they are no longer burning so do not touch the end of the moxa stick, or the base of the glass jar where the moxa was extinguished unless you are sure that it has completely cooled. Each moxa stick can be used for multiple uses after safely extinguishing. 

To complete another treatment, re-light the moxa stick and repeat. 


  • If pregnant, the use of moxa should only be under the guidance of a health practitioner. 
  • Not suitable for those with skin sensitivities. 
  • Use only as directed. 
  • Do not use whilst under the influence of drugs, alcohol or excessive fatigue.
  • If you have any concerns, please consult with a TCM doctor or your health practitioner.
  • Can be used indoors. 
  • Moxa is safe to perform after a c-section as long as the scar is not red or emitting discharge.

Packaging is recyclable. 

Shipping & Returns 

The Elan team is proud to support every woman's journey of pregnancy and the postpartum period. Our priority is your happiness. If any purchase of our products fall short of your expectations, please email us at info@elan.house so that we can resolve that for you. Happiness guaranteed

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