Elan x The Herborium Mama Nurture Herbal Blend
Elan x The Herborium Mama Nurture Herbal Blend
Elan x The Herborium Mama Nurture Herbal Blend

Elan x The Herborium Mama Nurture Herbal Blend

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Previously named 'Elan x The Herborium Lactation Soup'.

According to principles in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the quality of breast milk relies on a well-functioning blood and Qi system. Our Lactation Soup blend, known as 'Tong Cao Xia Nai Tang,' is carefully crafted with herbs traditionally used to support lactation.

By incorporating beneficial ingredients, including rice paper pith and eight other healing herbs, our Lactation Soup aims to provide nourishment and support for new mothers. While it is commonly believed to promote lactation, please note that individual results may vary.

We recommend incorporating our Lactation Soup into a balanced postpartum diet to help support your body's needs during this important time. Please consult with a healthcare professional for personalized advice regarding lactation and overall postpartum care.


Only suitable during postpartum. 


Nature: warming

RICE PAPER PITH (Tong Cao) – promotes lactation, urination and drains damp heat 

ASTRAGALUS ROOT (Bei Qi) - strengthens Qi energy & spleen, powerful immunity booster

CODONOPSIS (Dang Shen) - strengthen the spleen & stomach, replenishes Qi energy

CHINESE ANGELICA ROOT (Dang Gui) - nourishes blood

GOJI BERRIES (Gou Zi Qi) - strengthens the kidney & nourishes the liver, boosts eye health

CHINESE YAM (Huai Shan) – nourishes the spleen & lungs

RED DATES (Hong Zao) - strengthens Qi energy & spleen, nourishes the blood & calms the spirit

DRIED LONGAN (Gui Yuan Rou) - nourishes the heart, blood & spleen, calms the spirit

FOX GLOVE ROOT (Shu Di Huang) - nourishes Yin & blood


Herbal flavour strength: moderate

Enjoy this warm soup throughout the day. This blend will give you 1.5L - 2L depending on your preferred concentration. 

Just add ginger and water all into a pot and let the aroma fill your house with comfort.

Recommended cooking instructions can be found here.


Each blend is ~ 128g

Our herbal blends have been curated & balanced by a qualified & experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, not only for their healing benefits, but also flavour.

Key healing benefits are based on TCM principles. 

Consult with your TCM practitioner if pregnant, taking medications or suffering from a serious health condition before consumption. 

Due to the nature of natural herbs, there may be slight variations in colour & taste with each batch, but never in the quality.

These statements have not been evaluated by the TGA. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Paper is FSC grade paper and is recyclable. Outer pouches, 25mm round stickers, and metal eyelet are recyclable. Cellulose bags found inside are biodegradable and compostable.

Shipping & Returns 

The Elan team is proud to support every woman's journey of pregnancy and the postpartum period. Our priority is your happiness. If any purchase of our products fall short of your expectations, please email us at info@elan.house so that we can resolve that for you. Happiness guaranteed

For more information, please see our Returns and Refund Policy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
It really works!

I am a one week old new mom with lactation worries and my Chinese friends recommended me to try this and it really works!! 2 days to help me solve the trouble, milk volume also increased rapidly, recommended to all new mothers.