Premium Foodie Mama Bundle
Premium Foodie Mama Bundle
Premium Foodie Mama Bundle
Premium Foodie Mama Bundle
Premium Foodie Mama Bundle
Premium Foodie Mama Bundle

Premium Foodie Mama Bundle

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Nourish yourself this Christmas mamas, your body is your temple; cherish and take care of it with nutrient dense meals and snacks. 

What's inside? 

The bundle includes: 

1 x Elan x The Herborium Red Dates Tea 

This classic reinvigorating red dates tea 红枣补血茶 (Hóngzǎo bǔ xuè cháblend is deliciously infused with rich antioxidants to boost your health and wellbeing.

Designed to warm your body from within, strengthen your spleen and digestive system, enrich blood, beautify skin, nourish your liver and kidney, all the while balancing mood. No wonder this natural remedy has been hailed by our ancestors as a go-to, all-rounder Qi booster.

1 x Elan x Frank Green 10oz Stainless Steel Ceramic Insulated Food Container Cloud

An elegant Elan x Frank Green Ceramic food container to enlighten your Mama experience. Designed to store your food or snacks at your desired temperature. Easy and portable, perfect for meals on the go. Custom design by Elan House of Wellness.

1 x A Village for Mama Recipe Book Edition 2

A postpartum recipe book with recipe gift cards to help modern mamas gather their village and organise homemade meal giving for their fourth trimester.

Delicious recipes designed alongside a naturopath to help replenish and nourish a new mama post birth. Recipes cater to all mamas including vegan, gluten free and dairy free options.

1 x Ultimate Dry Pantry Range 

This premium bundle is for Mama to ease her postpartum experience. Specially curated for Mama to add to their nourishing postpartum pantry. Perfect for self or as a gift for all parts of the motherhood journey including pregnancy.

Give your body and skin a boost of hydration, anti-inflammatory and brightening properties with this hydrating snow fungus dessert blend 滋阴润肺银耳羹 (Zī yīn rùn fèi yín'ěr gēng).

Snow fungus, or tremella mushroom, is a powerful herb that supports your Lung yin health, your vital organ that governs and nourishes skin health according to TCM food therapy. It has been associated with beauty, longevity and preserving youth in Asian cuisines due to its potent antioxidants and ability to moisturise our bodies 400x more than hyaluronic acid.

Combined with yin and blood nourishing herbs, this blend is incredibly restorative especially during the postpartum period to support healing and gently nourish and lubricate the tissues in our vital organs. 

Bundle is saving: $4.75

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The Elan team is proud to support every woman's journey of pregnancy and the postpartum period. Our priority is your happiness. If any purchase of our products fall short of your expectations, please email us at so that we can resolve that for you. Happiness guaranteed

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