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Creators and Magic Makers • Jess Rosenberg, We the Moode

"We’re an unapologetic new voice in reproductive health. Making nutritionally-formulated vitamins, hosting uncomfortable conversations, and providing a maternal health education for wherever you are on the reproductive journey. Why are we moode? (pronounced ‘moody’) Because the process is enough to make anyone moody."-Jess Rosenberg, We the Moode Please tell us a bit about yourself and the work that you do. I spent 10 years as a social worker, working with marginalised and oppressed communities. I started my career supporting the refugee and asylum seeker sector amongst some of the harshest political policies we’ve seen in recent times. It shaped my worldview, and deep desire to create systematic change. I spent my subsequent years dabbling in and out of motherhood and...

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Creators and Magic Makers • Liv Brown

  Please tell us a bit about yourself and the work that you do. I am Liv, founder of Rattle Style. I am a mum of a cute little 2.5 year old Gussy and have my second little boy on the way. I am a personal stylist for mums! I help mums curate their mum uniform so they feel great and don’t have to think about what to wear each morning.  Through your work/business what is the impact that you hope to make and why? My aim is to show other mums the power in getting dressed. I know what its like to have had no sleep, feel so overwhelmed and not like yourself. I want to make getting dressed...

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