Week 1: Healing and Detoxifying

In Chinese Medicine, Jing, or our life ‘essence’ that is stored in our kidneys, is most drawn upon during pregnancy and when giving birth. We are born with a finite number of Jing which gradually depletes as we age. You can think of Jing like the savings in the bank and they are important to conserve. In general, the more Jing you have, the more likely you will live a long and healthy life. Apart from eating well, this is a gentle reminder to prioritise rest to conserve Jing; not overexerting yourself as much as you can postpartum.

Post-delivery you will notice a considerable amount of blood or lochia being lost from the uterus. It will feel like a heavy menstrual period at the beginning and gradually become lighter in the coming weeks until the uterus has healed at around six weeks.

During this stage, the goal is to ensure full removal of blood clots and unwanted residual substances within the womb, cleanse the body of pregnancy hormones, reduce inflammation of the uterus and excessive uterine bleeding and encourage scar and wound healing......& Detoxing Sheng Hua Tonic is here to help you start the recovery process! This is the most important tonic in the package so make sure you don't skip this one out. Now this isn't going to be as delicious as all the other blends in the package, but best to get this one out of the way right? If you find that the blend is not quite tolerable on the palate, chase it down with some warm water, a teaspoon of honey or a candy. Once you have completed your dose of Sheng Hua Tonic, we begin to stimulate your appetite with light, gentle herbs.