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Please tell us a bit about yourself and the work that you do.

I am Liv, founder of Rattle Style. I am a mum of a cute little 2.5 year old Gussy and have my second little boy on the way. I am a personal stylist for mums! I help mums curate their mum uniform so they feel great and don’t have to think about what to wear each morning. 

Through your work/business what is the impact that you hope to make and why?

My aim is to show other mums the power in getting dressed. I know what its like to have had no sleep, feel so overwhelmed and not like yourself. I want to make getting dressed and feeling great in what your wearing easy for every mum. 

How would you say you arrived into finding your purpose?

After having Gus I wasn’t expecting the feeling of loss of identity. I came into motherhood very naive. I was young and never really had trouble with knowing myself and my personal style and feel like once I became a mum this completely changed. I had lots of chats with other woman who were feeling the same so thats why I decided to start Rattle. I came up with formulas and methods to help myself and other mums not feel this way. I think it is so important to feel good within yourself and I want all mums to experience dressing with confidence. 

How do you balance your social life, work life, health, family?
I have to be honest I am not amazing at this! The balance is hard, and unfortunately I would say I put health last. Social life is always fine because I am an extrovert and its a non negotiable, work is so busy that almost has to be priority and Gussy and family is always number 1. I need to figure out the balance a bit better this year it is one of my aims!

What do you do in order for you to carve out some time for yourself?

Seeing my girlfriends fills my cup so I always choose to do that rather than being alone. But I do try and walk each day, walking is always great for my mind and Gus will sleep in the pram which is a plus. All my best business ideas come to me when I am walking.  

What do you do to get yourself into a state of creativity?
I feel like I go through bursts with this. And when I am not as busy I feel more creative. Funnily enough I always feel really creative when I am pregnant. It must be the hormones!

If you were to share something about your business/work to a stranger what would it be? (Give us a one paragraph elevator pitch of your business/the work that you do) - we share this response to introduce your feature in this series, not as a Q&A.

I am on a mission to empower mums to rediscover themselves through style with affordable personal styling services and monthly “Mami Mode” shoppable guides. I want every mum to be able to dress with confidence, in a way that makes them feel amazing within their selves and in doing so, means they have started the day by focusing on them. Lets make shopping simple and fun, when your know your personal style you can start adding to your wardrobe collection with ease. 

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