Week 3: Nourishing

The goal during this stage is to 'tonify' by nourishing the body. Here we introduce slightly stronger 'warming' herbs to move and nourish blood and Qi. The flavour of some of these soups may taste unique but trust us, they have been included here for a reason; to renew your strength and continue to give yourself and your baby the warmth, love, security, attention and lots of cuddles and smiles.

You may have noticed a theme by now. Warm, warm, warm is the tag line. This is essential for a good postnatal diet. When the body is vulnerable after birth, special care needs to be taken not to damage the digestion function and to actively support by consuming foods that are warm in temperature and nature. To ensure your stomach doesn’t have to work too hard for your digestive enzymes to be activated properly, your food should not be entered into the stomach icy. Food that provide a source of warmth for the body supports circulation and movement of blood to areas which need healing, to the breasts that need to produce milk and to prevent contractions and blood flow stagnation. This is key to restoring balance within the postpartum body.