Week 4: Rejuvenating

As this final phase comes to a close, you will find yourself stronger and more revitalized that you've been since baby's arrival, yet still tender and new. You have regained much of your strength and starting to get the hang of this baby thing. Take some time to reflect on the past 3 weeks and see how far you have come. I hope you have taken in and cherished each and every moment, up or down.

Your body has progressively strengthened over the weeks, so now is the best time to give your body that boost of collagen to improve skin health and elasticity with ingredients such as snow fungus and fish maw.

Nourishment and care doesn't stop here. As you transition into the next chapter remember that wisdom has taught us that the kitchen is where you heal the people you love. Continue to use food as medicine and be gentle and patient with yourself and your body as you continue your journey to motherhood.