Questions for the Postpartum Care Centre:

1. How does the postpartum hotel support mothers after their stay has expired? Do they get in touch with the mother via email or phone?

After leaving the confinement center, the postpartum recovery department contacted me about their postpartum recovery programs. The sales team also followed up, inquiring about my satisfaction and sending a gift for Charlotte's 100th day.

2. Do you teach the family (if attended) ways in which they can support the new mother?

Yes, the nanny and nurses provided guidance to my family on what the postpartum mother can or cannot do. The nanny took on all responsibilities for caring for the postpartum mother in the confinement center.

3. How are the meal plans curated? Are there any meals specific to gluten intolerant, lactose intolerant, vegan-friendly?

There are six meals per day, including three main meals and three additional meals. Specific dietary needs can be communicated with the sales team or the chef, and a trial of the meals is possible before check-in.

4. How do they deal with families with older kids? Are they all allowed to visit?

Fathers and children are allowed to stay. Other relatives and friends can visit between 8 am and 8 pm with registration at the front desk.

Only the postpartum recovery department offers additional services, which need to be purchased separately.

Questions for Melody:

1. Does the postpartum care center provide you any support after your stay, e.g., a postnatal depression helpline or support groups available?

Only the postpartum recovery department offers additional services, which need to be purchased separately.

2. Did you feel like the postnatal care center was what you expected? What fell short of your expectations, and what exceeded them?

It aligned with my expectations.  Before checking in, I had concerns about potential noise from newborns crying, but the room's excellent soundproofing ensured that I rarely heard any noises from neighboring rooms.

3. What were your favorite things about the confinement center?

Participating in recovery programs and other center activities. Because I can leave my room and baby for a while and an opportunity to enjoy some personal time.

4. What were your least favorite things about it? What could they have improved on?

No specific dislikes. However, due to the entire confinement period spent within the center without the ability to leave, there was a slight homesick feeling over time. But that's just how confinement is; you can't go outdoors.

5. What was the food like, did you enjoy it?

Delicious and suitable for postpartum mothers, with a light and nutritious quality.

6. How did you feel supported emotionally, mentally, and physically at the confinement center?

My nanny was very talkative, which helped me alleviate postpartum anxiety. Additionally, the confinement center offers psychological counseling services that can be booked if needed.

7. How did you feel as you transitioned home? Did you feel empowered and confident, or did it feel like a lot of support was suddenly taken away?

I left one day early and arranged for the nanny to accompany me home during the transition, ensuring I didn't experience a sudden loss of support. This arrangement is negotiable with the confinement center, although there is no refund for leaving earlier, as the nanny was with us.

8. What support did you receive when you went home? From family or hired help.

In the last week at the center, my mother and I learned baby care with the nanny. After returning home, we managed with just the two of us.

Summary of Other Services and Activities:

1. Confinement Package

There are two service packages, one for 28 days and another for 42 days.

2. Sales Department

The salesperson plays a crucial role in facilitating communication with expectant mothers both before and after delivery. Pre-delivery responsibilities involve introducing the confinement center's services, arranging tastings for confinement meals, and understanding the needs and preferences of pregnant women in order to arrange a suitable confinement nanny.

Prior to the expected delivery date, staying in touch with the expectant mother to determine her scheduled hospital admission time, facilitating the arrangement for a confinement nanny to accompany her during the hospital stay. After admission, any concerns or questions from postpartum women can be addressed through communication with the salesperson.

3. Nursing Department

The nursing department comprises both nurses and a confinement nanny. Every day, a nurse comes to the room to check the condition of both the mother and the baby. Postpartum care includes disinfection of wounds and incisions, addressing physical discomfort, while infant care involves umbilical cord disinfection, temperature measurement, jaundice checks, and addressing other potential newborn issues. The confinement nanny is responsible for the overall care of both the baby and the mother, as well as maintaining the cleanliness of the room.

4. Postnatal Recovery Department

The postnatal recovery department focuses on the recovery of postpartum women, offering a range of services include ovarian maintenance, shoulder and neck massage, pelvic bone restoration, rectus abdominis repair, etc. For more details, please refer to the attached images.

5. Doctor's Rounds

Pediatrician and obstetrician-gynecologist check once a week.

6. Food

Daily meals provided, with additional snacks. Details attached. Additionally, family members staying with the postpartum mothers can also pre-order family meals.

7. Activities

To alleviate boredom during the confinement period, the confinement center organizes various activities, such as:

• Postpartum yoga

• Newborn care classes

• Flower arranging classes

• Handmade soap for breastfeeding mothers

• Psychological counseling

• Early childhood education classes

8. Accommodation

Rooms in a typical confinement center are standardized and consistent, resembling hotel-style apartments, with varying prices based on room size. However, the confinement center I stayed in has a distinctive feature – each room is unique. This allows expectant mothers to choose a room with their preferred style and orientation. Additionally, the price of each room varies.

Inside the rooms, there are prepared baby supplies such as diapers, soft towels, umbilical cord patches, baby laundry detergent, and more. For details, please refer to the attached images.

The rooms are also equipped with other essentials for the baby, such as baby bed, temperature-controlled water heaters, steam sterilizers, etc. Refer to the attached photos for more information.

9. Hospital Bag and Newborn Supplies

The confinement center provides a complimentary confinement bag, and pregnant women can collect it at any time after the 32nd week of pregnancy. The confinement bag includes all the necessary items for childbirth and post-birth care for the baby. This includes maternity pads and disposable underwear for the mother, as well as diaper changing pads, disposable diapers, cotton swabs, wet wipes, and other essentials for the baby. For more details, please refer to the attached images.

10. Dedicated WeChat Group

After each postpartum woman checks in, a dedicated WeChat group will be created. This group includes your assigned salesperson, nurse, postpartum recovery specialist, head chef from the catering department, front desk customer service, and other relevant staff. In this WeChat group, postpartum mothers can communicate any questions or requests they may have, ensuring effective and direct communication with the responsible staff members.

11. Full Moon Party

The confinement center organizes a Full Moon Party for each baby, where you can invite your family and friends to join the celebration.

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions about the points mentioned above or any other issues related to the confinement center.

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