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Discover our new limited series, the Confinement Series where we share the experience of mothers who practiced varied forms of Chinese Confinement. Whether it is within a postpartum care centre or in the comfort of their own home with the support of family, this series will spotlight how these new mothers draw on the concept of 'Sitting the Month'. Through the experiences of these women, we highlight the importance of our postpartum care pillars while practicing confinement: Ritual and Celebrate Rest and Retreat Nourish and Restore Support Empower and Enlighten Meet Anastasia Koss, an American native, now living in Hong Kong. After giving birth, she followed the Chinese tradition of zuo yue zi (坐月子), a 40-day period focused on rest...

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Questions for the Postpartum Care Centre: 1. How does the postpartum hotel support mothers after their stay has expired? Do they get in touch with the mother via email or phone? After leaving the confinement center, the postpartum recovery department contacted me about their postpartum recovery programs. The sales team also followed up, inquiring about my satisfaction and sending a gift for Charlotte's 100th day. 2. Do you teach the family (if attended) ways in which they can support the new mother? Yes, the nanny and nurses provided guidance to my family on what the postpartum mother can or cannot do. The nanny took on all responsibilities for caring for the postpartum mother in the confinement center. 3. How are the meal plans...

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