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Mother to Robert - Manchester, United Kingdom

My name is Fiona; I am married to John and we have a beautiful 6 month old boy called Robert. We live in Manchester, United Kingdom. Robert has brought more joy than I thought ever possible! We are fortunate that his journey into this world was fairly straight forward and stress-free even though it was in the middle of a pandemic. I wanted to progress through labour at home for as long as possible, and was fully dilated by the time we got to hospital, which was a shock to the midwives! We did a hypnobirthing course during pregnancy and I'd like to think it was because of that why I was so calm during birth.
I am a freelance TV Production Manager. I love my job but it is very demanding; since having Robert it has really helped me to consider what is important to me, so I'll have some tough decisions to make when I return to work. Pre-baby, I used to do amateur woodworking in my free time, however that has definitely taken a back seat for the time being. I can't wait to get back to it eventually!

What was your favourite thing about the newborn phase?

I absolutely loved watching his little face as he slept. Although now I use those precious quiet moments to get stuff done.

What did you find challenging about being a new mother?

Lack of sleep is the obvious answer - nothing prepares you for it. But actually, it was losing all sense of who I am, both physically and mentally. You're so tired that some days you're just going through the motions. It's only now that I am beginning to feel like the old me!

How were you supported during your postpartum period and what would you change if you could go back in time?

I was very grateful to everyone who made us/provided food. It just takes a tiny bit of stress away. However, I got really hung up on how often my baby was feeding and for how long etc. It took me ages to relax about it and trust that as long as he was growing and producing a lot of wet/dirty nappies then he's fine!

List your top 3 essentials for a new mother.

  1. Batch meals for ease
  2. Have a good support network of friends and family, who can at the very least watch your baby so you can have a soothing bath!
  3. Everyone has an opinion - don't sweat it!

Are there any rituals or practices during your 4th trimester you'd like to share?

Only give lots and lots of kisses and cuddles!!

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