The First Word • U-Fhern, mother of four.

It’s a privilege to celebrate others. TFW is introducing a social series of spotlights; highlighting other women who are mothering and othering, with a particular focus on the word {and}, because the capabilities of women are phenomenal.

Whether you’re doing something or dealing with something, we see you.

Leading us in, is the wonderful U-Fhern Chang. Mother of four and founder of @elan.houseofwellness .. friend of TFW and fierce advocate for ensuring women have adequate space to tick all of the boxes that make them feel whole - using the goodness of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

‘Our mission is to help women navigate the early stages of motherhood with confidence and clarity, moving back to a community-based model of care through a contemporary interpretation of the ancient Chinese tradition of ‘sitting the month’ (坐月子 – zuò yuè zi).

We question western values post birth and therefore present a new framework of care focused on physical and emotional recovery, bonding with baby, and honouring this sacred time. Hence, we translate the traditional Chinese practice of postpartum care into a form that is accessible to everyone.

As an increasingly individualist society, we have forgotten that for everyone to be taken care of, we must first take care of the mother and the baby. Caring for new mothers is a collective event that requires the support of the community.

Elan aims to do two things:

Change the thinking around what true postpartum maternal care looks like through education, dialogue and sharing of experiences.
Provide tangible care for mothers and their families in the areas of nutrition, physical treatments, cosmetic products and gifts.“
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