World Breastfeeding Week | Founder's top picks for Breastfeeding

Discover this breastfeeding edit which includes my personal selections to support you on your breastfeeding journey. Join me to learn more about these essential products that I curated as part of Elan’s offering which have supported me and I hope that they too can support you and your beautiful babies.
This warming Red Dates Tea is definitely a staple in my kitchen, especially after going through my four birthing experiences, I've come to understand, acknowledge and learn the power of TCM herbs. Red dates (hong zao) are incredibly beneficial during the pregnancy and postpartum period. It is believed that red dates strengthen qi energy and the spleen, nourishing the blood and soothing the spirit. There is no doubt that a mother will feel depleted after child birth, having lost a significant amount of blood, energy and strength during the delivery process. Not only does she has to care for baby, but she must focus of using resources around her to kickstart her healing journey. The herbal tea blend has a warming element of ginger, as it supports blood flow and promotes healing. Please note that the Red Dates Tea is only to be consumed after Week 1, Day 5 of postpartum.
This is seriously one of the most underrated products from our range. Filled with over 100 pages of beautiful imagery, quotes, prompts and activities. calendars and checklists. This Postpartum Planning Workbook I created with what I wish I had known before having a baby in mind. It covers the pillars we have cemented as essential in postpartum care and covers topics from food, household duties and boundaries to name a few. Most likely there will be things you haven't yet thought of and this workbook has been created to help you design your ideal postpartum period.

Elan x Frank Green 34oz Stainless Steel Ceramic Reusable Bottle with Straw Lid in Cloud

To support your breastfeeding journey, hydration is key. This ceramic bottle with straw lid has been a game changer! It's been perfect to sip on, especially when you're in those one handed situations with bub asleep in one arm but you're desperate to quench your thirst. It holds drinks at your desired temperature (which was warm for the first few months post birth for me).

Lactation Granola Bar (Dry Mix)

A great one handed snack for those sudden urges of hunger (be warned - breastfeeding hunger is real!). Often times I found myself hungry and resisted the temptation to consume processed and snacks filled with refined sugar from the shops. This Lactation Granola Bar Dry Mix is made without preservatives, additives, and refined sugars. It's not just me who's hooked on these bars, my 6 year old can't seem to get enough! In fact they've become such a hit within my family of six and I find myself having to hide them. Aside from the fact these are incredibly addictive, these Lactation Granola Bars are packed with nourishing galactagogues to support a feeding mother.

Elan x The Herborium Lactation Soup

Our Lactation Soup blend, known as 'Tong Cao Xia Nai Tang,' has been carefully crafted with herbs traditionally used to support lactation. By incorporating beneficial ingredients, including rice paper pith and eight other healing herbs, our Lactation Soup aims to provide nourishment and support for new mothers.

Elan x The Herborium 28 Day Postpartum Package

This package has been thoughtfully curated to help assist mothers during the early postpartum days. The package includes nourishing soups, teas and tonics that are hand blended by a TCM herbalist; The Herborium. This generous package also includes a few dry pantry items of your own choice and numerous self-care tools to support your journey. This is a popular product within our offering for those who want to ensure that they are nourished well without having to think too much and is the perfect blend of East meets West.

Elan Robe

Savour the little moments of breastfeeding with some skin-to-skin contact bonding with bub. This releases oxytocin to help with lactation. Our elegant linen robe provides the ability to enjoy skin-to-skin with bub tucked on your chest and coverage should you need it whilst breastfeeding.


What items did you use during your breastfeeding journey and how did they support your needs? 
With gratitude, 
U-Fhern, Founder of Elan House of Wellness
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