Stages of pregnancy birth postpartum

Pre-conception stage

It was great to see some couples at the recent baby expo on their pre-conception journey visiting the expo and looking for things that could support them.
Two things we recommended were our Red Dates tea and Moxa sticks. Red dates are a great source of many nutrients, including Vitamin C. For females, Vitamin C can help boost fertility and improve hormone levels, while for males, Vitamin C may help by improving sperm count and quality. They are also blood-boosting which is important when trying to fall pregnant. Just note that the Tea should not be consumed during menstruation.
On the same note of promoting blood flow and warmth, moxa sticks help with stagnation and have the ability to promote fertility.

Pregnancy Stage

One of our most underrated Elan product - our Elan Postpartum Planning Workbook was designed to support the expecting mother during her pregnancy stage to take her into postpartum.

The Elan Postpartum Planning Workbook was curated to allow mothers to create their village of support, restore and nourish their body and confidently transition from maiden to mother. The workbook comprises over 100 pages; filled with imagery, quotes, prompts and activities, calendars and checklists. It is Elan’s mission educate mothers about the importance of postpartum care from their first pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Remember, Mama you are worthy of care and support.


The items have been curated to remind the expecting mother to prepare and anticipate her postpartum journey as well as savouring the sacred window of pregnancy of bonding with her baby. Invest in your self-care with our Elan products, and prepare for your ideal postpartum.

Postpartum Stage

Elan was primarily built on the Traditional Chinese concept of ‘sitting the month’, where mothers are encouraged to rest and restore themselves post-birth for the first forty days of their postpartum period.

The Elan x The Herborium 28 Day Postpartum Package is specifically designed for mothers who are looking to implement traditional Chinese practices into their early postpartum days.

Red Dates Tea is specifically one of my go-to postpartum beverages, best consumed warm. I remember sipping on red dates tea throughout my postpartum journies after the birth of my four beautiful babies. Please note that the Red Dates Tea should not be consumed within the first five days of your postpartum journey.

The Elan Moxa Sticks utilises the mother warming TCM technique, which is often used in conjunction with acupuncture. The technique of ‘moxibustion’ promotes blood and energy flow. assisting with stagnation.

Breastfeeding Stage

Choosing to breastfeed your little one is a personal choice. If you choose to breastfeed, here are some products that can help support a breastfeeding mother.

Our Blooming Bites Dry Mix is a beautiful granola bar, that contains a great source of fibre and galactagogues, promoting breast milk secretion. On the topic of supporting the production of breast milk, our Elan x The Herborium Mama Nurture Herbal Blend contains nourishing ingredients to support lactation.

Our lightweight, luxurious Elan Robe was designed for skin-to-skin contact for mothers to release oxytocin - an important hormone when it comes to breastfeeding. With wide sleeves, allowing mothers to feed their little ones with style and comfort.


The Elan x Frank Green Water Bottle is perfect to sip on with its stainless steel straw and insulated bottle to keep my drinks warm. It is especially helpful when you're in those one-handed situations with bub asleep in one arm but you're desperate to quench your thirst.

Items suitable for gifting

Browsing around to purchase for a loved one or for yourself? We’ve got you covered! We have curated bundles, packages, and gift certificates suitable for all mothers. Whether you are shopping for a friend, partner, co-worker, or sibling we have curated bundles to suit everyone. Mama to be, the Self Care Mama, the Foodie Mama, the Mama on the Go, and more.

Our First Forty Days of Self Care Package derives from the concept of restoring oneself for the first forty days of postpartum; the TCM practice of ‘sitting the month’. Our First Forty Days of Self Care Package supports you in small doses through self-care, nourishment, and mindset for the first 40 days.

We understand caring for yourself is an investment and so have created a gift registry option on our website so your loved ones can help chip in for your ideal postpartum.

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