Premium Mama to be Bundle
Premium Mama to be Bundle
Premium Mama to be Bundle
Premium Mama to be Bundle
Premium Mama to be Bundle
Premium Mama to be Bundle

Premium Mama to be Bundle

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The perfect gift for your expecting mamas ranging from products that will let her prepare, nourish and empower her through her pregnancy and postpartum journey. 

What's inside? 

The bundle includes: 

1 x Lactation Granola Bar (Dry Mix)

A lactation trio of oats, flaxseed, and chia seeds in the form of a granola bar that is easy to snack on with one hand. You will want this yummy snack stashed around the house and in your nappy bag.

1 x Birth Affirmation and Motherhood Inspirational Cards 

Birth Affirmation Cards

These 10 beautiful birthing affirmation cards have been designed to reflect the 10 moons of pregnancy and help you in your birthing preparations. You can use them as part of your mindfulness practice to reduce stress, anxiety and fear during pregnancy and also while in labour to remind you of your strength and power.

The cards can be placed around your home or birthing suite. Meditate on a different card each morning and take mindful breaths as you envision your birth and meeting your baby.
Affirmation cards are scientifically proven to help reprogram and rewire negative thoughts in the brain and reaffirm positive thoughts to cultivate contentment in life.

Motherhood Wisdom Deck
These cards have been designed to take you through your first 40 days Postpartum but can be used anytime to remind you that whilst motherhood can get tough and messy, it is also beautiful. Use this deck for focus, inspiration and solace.

Carve out a few minutes every day even though it may seem difficult with a newborn, to do some self-care because mothers cannot pour from an empty cup.

Try some of self-care rituals while you read and reflect on the card you have chosen for the day.

The 52 cards are printed on recycled sustainable FSC certified stock and vegetable based dyes in Melbourne, Australia. They are packed in a cotton drawstring bag.

Images by Mama Moon Muse

1 x Elan x The Herborium Lactation Soup 

Accordingly to TCM principles, our Blood that carries Qi is the foundation of breast milk. Our Lactation Soup blend  通草下奶汤 (Tōng cǎo xià nǎi tang) has been curated with blood and Qi building herbs to promote blood flow circulation that is essential in supporting the breasts to function well in their new role.

Commonly used to promote lactation, the rice paper pith herb is combined with 8 other healing herbs to boosts your body’s Qi that is significantly depleted postpartum. Recommend consuming to help revitalise your body’s needs in establishing a nutritious milk supply or a lactation boost.

1 x Elan Postpartum Planning workbook

At Elan, we believe that traditional Postpartum practices have a place in today’s world. After birth there’s a sacred window of time which allows for a complete rejuvenation of a woman’s physical, mental and spiritual health. We honour that sacred window of time and have created a luxurious sanctuary within which new Mothers can have access to a village of support, restore her body and confidently transition into her role as a Mother.

This workbook will help you to anticipate and prepare for some of the changes that you will face. The information is framed around the five wellness pillars that inform the Elan experience.

We bring these elements together to holistically support and empower you in your Motherhood journey. With over 100 beautifully designed pages filled with imagery, quotes, prompts and activities, calendars and checklists, we hope this workbook empowers you to create your ideal Postpartum experience.

1 x Hydrating Belly Sheet Mask - Single Sheet

Our Hydrating Belly Sheet Mask will soothe your baby bump. Designed to relieve and soothe your belly as it grows, we have created a Hydrating Belly Sheet Mask for mamas during pregnancy. Take a few minutes to practice some self-care rituals as you admire and give thanks to the power of your body.

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The Elan team is proud to support every woman's journey of pregnancy and the postpartum period. Our priority is your happiness. If any purchase of our products fall short of your expectations, please email us at so that we can resolve that for you. Happiness guaranteed

For more information, please see our Returns and Refund Policy.

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