Practitioner Profile | Ashleigh Dickinson

"This became the catalyst for shifting my lifestyle to a more conscious one."

What drew you to do this work?

I came from an upbringing where life was strongly encouraged by movement through sports and dancing. Very early on, this invoked a strong link between movement and wellbeing. It wasn't until I lived in Los Angeles over a decade ago, right in the midst of green smoothies and conscious living going gang busters, that [wellness] really lit my eyes up. While working in a high pressure corporate job, Yoga presented itself as an outlet for stress relief by a work colleague. This became the catalyst for shifting my lifestyle to a more conscious one. I completed my Yoga Teacher Training in Melbourne and Bali and now, I teach Yoga and run events and workshops all around Melbourne.

What do you enjoy the most about your work?

The community that yoga brings together and how the yoga practice is a lifestyle, rather than a 'job' itself. It is a constant reminder of a way of living, compassionately, with humility and through active listening.

What is the most memorable thing you can tell someone about your job?

Most recently, I taught my final class before taking some temporarily leave to become a Mother. The class was heartfelt, emotional and extremely raw.

I never expected to feel so sad and devastated to leave a job, even though I know it is just temporary - yet it has reminded me how much I truly love what I do, teaching and sharing the gift of yoga.

After the class, the students lined up as they left and I hugged just about every one of them as they shared stories of how classes have impacted their life, wrote down beautifully written words and just offered humbling well wishes to my little growing family - those moments I will cherish forever.

Based on your area of expertise, what can you share with our followers around postpartum care?

I have been preparing for postpartum much more than I have been preparing for labour itself. I am a perfectionist at heart and I have been working on surrendering that part of me during the last 9 months creating a first home for this new human life. Meditation and journaling is a non negotiable for me - especially throughout pregnancy and I know my rituals such as these may shift and look different during postpartum and I am ok with that.

Therefore, the traditional meditation I practice whilst sitting still every morning may look like a walking meditation with the pram or the hand written journaling I complete after I meditate may look like a vocal journal talking out loud to my baby.

My intention is to incorporate warming practices starting in the hospital such as nutritionally dense and warm or room temperature foods, keeping my belly wrapped and warm as much as possible, feet in socks or slippers and herbal teas which are all TCM and Ayruvedic methods that I like to follow now. My baby is due in December so some of these may be challenging as the weather progresses to become warm, yet I have my cupboards stocked with some of Elan's Dry Pantry Range. I also have an amazing support system around me including mine and my partner's family that we cherish and are very close to and all of my incredible practitioners I have worked with upcoming and during my pregnancy that I will continue to work with during postpartum.

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