The importance of warmth in Postpartum Care.

The importance of warmth in postpartum care and Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Across many different traditional cultures, warmth is a common theme within postpartum care.
If we look at pregnancy and birth as a cycle of seasons, birth is an outward motion, while postpartum is an internal motion, our internal winter that calls for rest and hibernation.
In the context of energies, birth is very Yang - energetic and intense. After the birth experience, Yin will flow in to counter the space that has been filled with Yang. However, too much Yin may lead to depression, anxiety, loneliness and stagnation to form within the body. Therefore according to TCM, practices to warm the new mother are essential to ensure that she is not filled with excess yin.

Throughout the pregnancy journey, the mother nurtures and carries the baby, the placenta, and amniotic fluid, creating a warm and nurturing internal environment. However, after giving birth, the mother experiences a sudden shift in her physical temperature as this warm internal environment ceases to exist. 

During the process of pregnancy and childbirth, the mother's body undergoes depletion of blood and qi (energy). Furthermore, following childbirth, the mother's torso and womb are exposed to the cold meridians within her body. The womb, which was once the size of a watermelon, now feels cold and empty. These significant changes in the mother's body requires adequate care and restoration after giving birth.

Incorporating warm food and beverages into a mother's diet is vital for supporting her digestive system. Warm meals promote easier digestion and enhance the absorption of nutrients in the body. Additionally, consuming warm beverages and food helps cleanse the stomach lining, providing healing properties that aid in postnatal recovery and nourishment.
Warm food, beverages and clothing provide blood circulation and energy to flow through the body, restoring the mother's health and well-being.
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, mothers are encouraged to consume warm beverages and soups. Although the confinement practice may not resonate with everyone's beliefs and traditions, mothers can implement elements of warmth within their postpartum journey.  
A mother's journey of healing may involve various nourishing elements and self-care accessories to aid her recovery. Our generous retail offering provides products to support new mothers and their families. 
Introducing our Winter Warming Bundle, thoughtfully curated to provide mothers with essential support for staying warm during winter but also during postpartum no matter the season.

Winter Warming Bundle

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Postpartum Kitchari is best served warm, an Ayurvedic dish that is filled with fibre and unsaturated fats. A great winter kitchen staple.

Elan x The Herborium Red Dates Tea. is a refreshing beverage that provides a soothing warm experience. Great to sip on during the day, as part of your postpartum recovery. Recommended to be consumed from the second trimester of pregnancy and after 5 days postpartum. 

Our Elan Robe is a beautiful full-length linen robe, that is specially curated to encourage self care habits within mother's healing journey.

Moxa is a beautiful way to perform self care and warm the body. Practice the TCM technique of Moxibustion, and unblock any stagnation and allowing energy to flow.

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