28 Day Postpartum Package Q&A

Frequently asked Questions:

Is there a TCM soup for every day?

In total the package includes 16 blends of soups (4 a week) and 12 packs of Red Dates Tea. The soups can have a substantial yield so can be consumed over the course of two days if you can't finish it in one. This has been designed so that it is not so overwhelming for Mama in terms of cooking and flavour. With the teas and dry pantry options there is definitely something nourishing for each day.

I've heard that TCM formulations taste terrible.

We won't lie, TCM formulations are not for the faint hearted. The strongest being the Sheng Hua Tonic. However, its history of use spans over 1000 years so we won't have to prove its efficacy. We suggest that after downing the SHT, to follow it with some water, honey, sour plum or even a sweet treat. As for the other blends, they have been designed to suit the modern palette whilst maintaining the integrity of the formulation.

Are the blends easy to prepare?

Our advice would be to find someone who is willing to help you to cook during your postpartum period. The blends are very easy to make but we want Mama to be able to sit back, relax and bond with baby. Our product page includes cooking instructions which you will find are very easy to follow. Another handy tip is to prepare all your protein into the correct proportions, and have them stored in the freezer. When the time comes, your help just needs to pair the herbal blend with the pack of protein and cook away so Mama can be nourished.

There seems to be a lot in this package. Will I get confused or feel lost?

We understand it may seem like a lot, but truly believe in the benefits of TCM and its place in postpartum care. We have simplified the experience by including a Quick Reference Guide in our packs (which you can also download from our product page). It takes you through what you should do before baby arrives so you are familiar with the package, the cooking process and what ingredients you might need to supplement the herbs. Then you use the guide daily to see what you will be making. Each blend is also clearly labelled for ease of reference.

Can I get immediate shipment of the package?

We will endeavour to get the 28 Day Postpartum Package out as soon as they are ordered but the ideal process is that you list your estimated due date upon checkout and we will pack within 2 weeks of order (if this is your preference) or 2 weeks before EDD so that you have the freshest herbs at your disposal. The herbs are hand blended upon ordering as we believe this will give you the freshest herbs that you deserve to nourish you during this special time.

Why are there non herbal inclusions in your 28 Day Package?

From my personal experience having lived in Australia for the last 20 years, as much as I love Chinese food, I do enjoy a change every now and then. Our Dry Pantry options have more of an International flavour but equally as nourishing. There are a few that you can make up as snacks or meals which is convenient in those early days when you might have just one hand to snack on while cradling or feeding baby. We have also included a few items for some self care for Mama to take you through the Golden Month.

I am vegetarian. Are there options available to me?

If you are vegetarian make sure to select "Vegetarian" under the Herbal Variety option upon purchase. This will allow us to swap out the Fish Maw in one of the blends and replace it with the beautiful Snow Fungus. As for cooking the blends. You can eliminate animal protein and just cook the blends as is or add beautiful nourishing ingredients like mushrooms and tofu.

Do I need to adhere to the schedule strictly? What if I fall behind?

The postpartum package has been carefully curated to guide you through the four stages of postpartum healing according to TCM principles. Each blend is labelled by week and day to help you stay on track. However we know that bub wants the extra attention now and then and the day can get away from us quickly. If you miss a few blends, do not worry, you may continue the schedule in its order when you are ready to resume. The blends are suitable to consume after your golden month as well. You may store the blends in the fridge to preserve freshness of the herbs. We recommend all blends to be consumed within 3 months of receiving. If you have any questions during your golden month, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

When is the best time to consume the blends?

In Asian culture, soups are usually consumed with your main meals as a side (breakfast, lunch and / or dinner). However for best absorption of nutritional benefits, you may consume the blends half an hour before meals. If you experience any gastric issues, we recommend consuming with your meals.

Are there any side effects of taking herbs?

The herbs selected in our package are gentle and suitable for the average healthy adult and balanced specifically for the postpartum care period. For any serious health conditions, please consult a TCM practitioner.

According to TCM, everyone has a different body constitution and may respond to TCM herbs differently. If you do experience any adverse effects such as sore throats or headaches, please consult a TCM practitioner.

How soon before I start feeling the benefits of TCM?

If consuming our individual blends for general health and wellbeing, consuming once a week for 3-4 weeks will yield benefits.

If consuming our postpartum package, by the 4th week you should be feeling restored and well nourished.

Is this suitable both vaginal birth and C-section?

Yes, the package has been curated to suit both natural and c-section births. The only thing to note with the moxa sticks is that we only recommend its use after c-section scars have healed and are not red, itchy or emitting discharge.

Is the package suitable for women with gestational diabetes?

Yes the package is suitable for those with gestational diabetes that has subsided post birth. Our customers have not had any issues with it thus far but everyone can respond differently. If you are monitoring your sugar levels post birth and levels are still high, you can reduce or remove the use of Dried Longan in the Red Dates Tea to reduce sugar content.

As for the Dry Pantry items, we don’t include any refined sugar but some items have coconut sugar or call for the use of maple syrup. If you want to consume any of the dry pantry items during PREGNANCY, then we suggest choosing the savory items (Pancakes and Kitchari) in your selection. This will also be the case if you are concerned with sugar levels post birth as well.

Is it suitable to consume whilst breast feeding?

Yes most definitely! Our herbs have been designed to help support and boost lactation. From the Dry Pantry selection, the Lactation Granola Bar is for this purpose too. But if anything else tickles your fancy, all the snacks and meals are designed to be convenient for you to eat one handed while feeding or carrying bub.

What is the overarching theme of Traditional Chinese postpartum confinement and herbs?

If I had to pick one word for it, it would be WARMTH.

It is so important for mothers to tune in to their internal season of Winter. Hibernate. Stay warm. Nourish and Nurture.

You will see that the herbs featured in our blends are of a warming nature. The call for the use of ginger - also warming. We include Moxa sticks in the package for a Mother Warming Treatment you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Mothers are especially vulnerable and filled with spaciousness internally after the birth of baby so it is important to fill that void with warmth and tenderness.


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