Red Dates Tea Preparation and Cooking Instructions

红枣补血茶 (Hóngzǎo bǔ xuè chá)

Ingredients (Provided) 

Red dates (hong zao), black dates (hei zao), dried longan (gui yuan rou), goji berries (gou qi zi), codonopsis (dang shen), astragalus root (huang qi)

Herbal flavour strength: moderate

RED DATES (Hong Zao) - strengthens Qi energy & spleen, nourishes the blood & calms the spirit

BLACK DATES (Hei Zao) - strengthens the spleen and stomach, nourishes blood 

LONGAN (Gui Yuan Rou) - nourishes the heart, blood & spleen, calms the spirit

GOJI BERRIES (Gou Zi Qi) - strengthens the kidney & nourishes the liver, boosts eye health

CODONOPSIS (Dang Shen) - strengthen the spleen & stomach, replenishes Qi energy

ASTRAGALUS ROOT (Bei Qi) - strengthens Qi energy & spleen, powerful immunity booster

Ingredients (You will need) 

  • 3 slices of ginger

  • 1.5L - 2L water, depending on your preferred concentration

Mindful Modifications

  • Add rock sugar or preferred sweetener to taste

Allergen Note

Food prepared on our premises may contain wheat and nuts

Preparation and Cooking Instructions

  1. Rinse herbs.
  2. Add herbs, ginger and 1.5L - 2L water into a medium-sized pot.
  3. Bring to boil and simmer for 1.5 hours on stove. 
  4. Add rock sugar (if using) to taste for a sweeter flavour.
  5. Drink warm throughout the day. You can store the tea in a vacuum flask to keep it warm.

Cooking Notes & Tips

  • All the herbs other than 'Codonopsis' & Astragalus Root are edible. Be aware that there are pips in the red and black dates.
  • To further enhance the sweetness from the red dates, you can either: 
    • (1) cut the red dates in half before adding to your pot (you do not need to remove the pit unless preferred); or 
    • (2) once cooked, the red dates will be soft; you can use the back of a spoon / ladle to give the red dates a squeeze against the sides of the pot; this will break up the red date and release its sweetness into the tea.
  • The longer the tea has been cooked, the further the infusion of the sweetness is in the tea.

Formulated based on TCM principles and lovingly hand blended in Melbourne, Australia from imported ingredients by the herborium.