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"Your body is designed to nourish your baby, and your baby is designed to be nourished limitlessly by your body."

What drew you to do this work?

After working in the health and fitness industry for a few years I took a hiatus as I found that the conventional nutrition approach wasn’t working for me or a lot of my clients. In that time I overcame confusion around food and learnt how to deeply nourish oneself. I believe the body was created to heal itself in the right environment and food is the most powerful tool we have to create that healing environment. I have a heart to teach women how to utilise the ancient wisdom around nutrition and food preparation to heal themselves. My practice is named Fertile Foodie because I believe you can be a total foodie, embracing and enjoying food fully while creating a state of optimal health in the body (aka, fertility). 

What do you enjoy the most about your work?

So many things. Seeing women release anxiety around calories and start focusing on how they’re supporting their organs and body systems to function optimally. Getting messages like “first period in years with no PMS, bloating or painful cramping”. Seeing clients who’ve struggled with skin complaints for years heal and confidently wear no makeup in public. 

What is the most memorable thing you can tell someone about your job?

I love the process of analysing blood work and combining it with a woman’s symptomatology (her current health, her history and all her lived experiences) and creating something in depth that’s so bio-individualised, just for her.

Based on your area of expertise, what can you share with our followers around postpartum care?

I have to say that the best postpartum care starts before you conceive and when you are pregnant. Your body is designed to nourish your baby, and your baby is designed to be nourished limitlessly by your body. You need a significant amount of resources for hormonal production, making extra blood, growing a placenta, and the list goes on! This means really inoculating yourself with nutrients and minerals from high quality sources and setting up a plan + support network for how you are going to nourished when baby is earth-side. I always recommend mama gets comprehensive bloods done to ensure she is supporting herself and baby in the best possible way. 
  • I always recommend mama gets comprehensive bloods done to ensure she is supporting herself and baby in the best possible way, and will arrive in her postpartum season without significant depletion. Ideally analysed with a functional practitioner who is trained to help you optimise your health + markers.
  • Pre + during pregnancy: nutrient dense foods + a prenatal with metabolically active forms of vitamins B6, B12 and Folate (5-MTHF)
  • An extra supportive measure in post-partum is to get a thyroid panel done as pregnancy, as beautiful as it is, can trigger thyroid issues (something I see quite regularly). Most thyroid issues can be rectified with nutritional and lifestyle therapy but it’s best if they’re identified early.
I am really grateful to be partnering with a business like yours that has such intuitive and aligned offerings for women + mothers.
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What is FBA?
FBA is a detailed interpretation of your blood tests through a functional lens, that seeks to optimise your health. Included with your interpretation is a nutritional protocol to give you the tools to heal.

In Australia, the reference ranges are very broad and are based on the average of the population. Our population has sky-rocketed in the rates of autoimmune disease, chronic illnesses & infertility. The FBA compares your bloods to OPTIMAL ranges, to optimise health.

Client Membership Program: Starting with a FBA, you will receive ongoing support to help you optimise your health. This program includes:
⁃ 1-on-1 personalised coaching
⁃ Functional Blood Analysis
⁃ Bio-individualised nutrition & lifestyle plan
⁃ Weekly calls
- Support between sessions

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