Tune in for our monthly series with Elan ~ every month our founder, U-Fhern, will share items to read, watch, listen, and share loved items from our range that may educate, empower, entertain and embrace our community.

This month U-Fhern shares her learnings from a book on her essential reading list from her Innate Traditions course. She listens to Oprah and Dr. Perry's Audible book 'What Happened to You?'. She watches a video that depicts the sounds of a woman as she transitions from Maiden to Mother and she shares her love for red dates tea post birth.
What are you 'educate, empower, entertain, embrace' selections for the month? We'd love to start a conversation here ~


Read Maternity, Coming Face to Face With Your Shadow here

This was a required reading as part of my Innate Traditions course and this book made me question so much. Revealing a lot about myself, of things I didn’t realise were there or maybe I had kept hidden. That is the wondorous thing about motherhood though, it opens and expands your heart and your mind in ways you can't imagine until you become a Mum. This book explores our pre-conceived ideas of raising children, relationships, the loss of our identities, work, education to name a few. You may not agree with every concept, but for the ones that resonate, it can give you a better understanding of the system we are living in and more about yourself. Please note that this book is not that easy to access in Australia, but if you are interested, please send us a DM and we can start some sort of Book Train.


Listen to What Happened To You on Audible by Oprah Winfrey and Dr Bruce Perry

I had chosen to listen to this book on Audible just so I could get through it on some long drives. Whilst I haven't read the physical book I know I prefer the audio book version because in it, bit's of Oprah's historical show recordings are shared in between. This really highlights a lot of the arguments Dr Perry discusses around trauma. The big question is asking What Happened to You and not What is wrong with you? This has really taught me to be even more empathetic and compassionate when I meet other humans or situations.


Watch The Noises of Birth on YouTube

If you're preparing for birth, this is a beautiful video to watch. Whether you're planning for a home birth or hospital birth, these sounds of women bringing their babies Earthside are a far cry to what we're mostly familiar with from Hollywood movies. Strong, empowering and a nod to our feminine power.


Elan x The Herborium Red Dates Tea

I consumed red dates tea daily for 60 days post birth. And now I have it once a week. Most people I’ve seen after I emerged out of confinement feel like I’ve recovered well and looking refreshed despite the lack of sleep. And if there’s anything I’ve had religiously since having baby number4, it’s this. I did not drink regular water to avoid the “cold”. The herbs are warming and have many healing properties that benefit the blood, eyes, digestive system and even your mood. Explore our herbal range on our website.

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