Tune in for our monthly series with Elan ~ every month our founder, U-Fhern, will share items to read, watch, listen, and share loved items from our range that may educate, empower, entertain and embrace our community.

This month, we're introducing a new category called embrace, in which our founder reveals one of her favourite Elan products of the month.

U-Fhern dedicates this month to her confinement period following after the birth of her fourth child. She honors Traditional Chinese postpartum dishes that not only nourish her but provide her with the nutrients she requires after giving birth. As she embarks on her postpartum journey of postpartum, she listens to The Little Yarrow Podcast, to learn more ways to support her health during this time of healing. She also watches Birthcare Center on Netflix and shares her love for Elan's Moxa Sticks.

What are you 'educate, empower, entertain, embrace' selections for the month? We'd love to start a conversation here ~


Chinese Postpartum Diet

This is a beautiful account of some Chinese confinement practices and recipes from
The Woks of Life. I've really enjoyed the warming dishes, soups and teas I've had during my confinement so far knowing that they are nourishing and restoring me. Whilst we've had some hot spells this summer I have had no yearning for my iced almond latte, salads or smoothies. The warmth also added from the ginger and the spices all act like a warm hug for my insides. I will be continuing my confinement food into my second month post birth and I hope if you are looking for some delicious and nourishing postpartum meals, you can find some inspiration from these recipes.


The Little Yarrow Podcast#58 Supporting Postpartum Digestion

A short but potent little podcast around the importance of supporting digestive health postpartum from an Ayurvedic and TCM perspective to support gut, hormonal and mental health.


Birthcare Center on Netflix

Ever wondered what it is like to stay in a confinement center? (If you've never heard of this, they're postpartum hotels which is the ultimate vision for Elan and are very popular in Asia). Well there is a Korean drama series centered around one and its guests on Netflix! The series shows what a stay in a confinement center would involve and chronicles the life of a number of mothers; their dreams, struggles and challenges.


Elan Moxa Sticks

On the theme of confinement this month, I am loving our Elan Moxa sticks. A couple of nights a week once baby is asleep I tend to myself with moxa over my womb space and various other points. It is a special time of self-care even though it might be brief and simple, but with a newborn, it is all I can muster before I quickly get some shut eye in preparation for his next feed.


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