Around the World Series | Traditional Latin America postpartum practices.

This month we explore Latin America’s postpartum traditions. Through the adoption of different cultural postpartum traditions, together as a community, we can provide support to mamas during their postpartum journey. Some examples of postpartum practices and rituals include:
  • Observing a 40 day quarantine period postpartum
  • Nourishment through special meals and herbs
  • Warm baths
  • Belly Binding and Closing of the Bones


Similar to the Chinese postpartum practice of 'sitting the month', Latin American women follow observe a quarantine period known as 'La Cuarentena'. Mothers are encouraged to rest and heal, to simply take some time to bond with their newborn for the first forty days after birth of their little one.


New mothers are prepared special meals with the main aim of being nourishing and easily digestible. These may include oatmeal, soups and chicken depending on the country.

Guatemalan women are also encouraged to drink herbal teas, much like the Chinese using TCM such as artemisia and oregano. In Mexico, a traditional chicken soup 'caldo de pollo' is a postpartum favourite.


Much like traditional Chinese postpartum practices, mothers are told to avoid bathing, especially with cold water. Latin Americans believes cold water and cold air is the root cause of stomach pain, poor milk supply and hinder recovery in the postpartum period.


In Latin American culture, mothers wrap their abdomen with a postpartum girdle or faja. This supports the mother's abdomen after giving birth.

In Mexico, the ancestral practice of Closing the Bones, also known as "La Cerrada" uses a rebozo to wrap a woman's body at 7 key points. The practice holds space for the new mother both physically and emotionally.


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