Detoxing Sheng Hua Tonic Granules Preparation and Cooking Instructions

生化汤 (Shēnghuà tāng)


Week 1, Day 1-4

Ingredients (Provided) 

Szechuan lovage root (chuan xiong), peach kernal (tao ren), honey liquorice root (zhi gancao), chinese angelica root (dang gui), charcoal ginger (jiang tan), dandelion (pu gong ying), motherwort herb (yi mu cao), safflower (hong hua), salvia root (dan shen)

Herbal flavour strength: strong+

SZECHUAN LOVAGE ROOT (Chuan xiong) -  promotes blood circulation

PEACH KERNAL (Tao ren) - promote blood circulation and removes stagnation 

Honey Licorice (Zhi gan cao) - tonifies the spleen and harmonizes the stomach 

CHINESE ANGELICA ROOT (Dang gui) - nourishes blood 

DANDELION (Pu gong ying) - anti-inflammatory, clears heat from swelling,  promotes lactation and minimises engorgement 

MOTHERWORT HERB (Yi mu cao) - invigorates blood, reduces swelling and commonly used for gynecological disorders 

SAFFLOWER (Hong hua) - moves blood and relieves pain 

SALVIA ROOT (Dan shen) - invigorates blood and promotes smooth blood flow to reduce postpartum abdominal pain 

Ingredients (You will need)

  • 60-100ml boiling water

Mindful Modifications

  • Chase down with sour plum or sweet if required

Allergen Note

Food prepared on our premises may contain wheat and nuts

Preparation and Cooking Instructions

Begin the day after giving birth. Twice per day after a meal. Mix 5 level spoons (provided) with 60 - 100ml boiling water. Stir and rest for 5 mins. Drink warm. Chase down with a sour plum or a sweet if required.

Formulated based on TCM principles and lovingly hand blended in Melbourne, Australia from imported ingredients by The Herborium. 

Due to the nature of natural herbs, there may be slight variations in colour & taste with each batch, but never in the quality.

These statements have not been evaluated by the TGA. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.