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"The empowerment that mothers feel once they've achieved their desired birth experience resonates deeply within them, transforming them permanently. This newfound understanding of why they exist on this earth is incredibly fulfilling."

Why did you start your practice?
I started my practice from home back in 2018 in Bayside Melbourne after completing my training in 2016. It was a no-brainer to integrate my work into my home, as I had small children. I was able to have them with me while also tending to demands like breastfeeding. This is where the "Womb Room Collective" was born. It was a beautiful space with an open fireplace and a garden. I would hold one-on-one consultations with mothers and fathers and organise gatherings for women, focusing on pregnancy, birth, motherhood, closing ceremonies, mother-daughter interactions, and teaching conscious conception and motherhood meditation. I am now located in the hinterland on the Mornington Peninsula and expanding my practice into a doula school, a movement aimed at training women to doula themselves and others. It is the ultimate act of devotion.
What drew you to this work?
I was in the fashion industry for 35 years as a model, stylist, and trend forecaster. If you had told me I would be a doula 8 years ago, I would have laughed in your face. It was after having my daughter nearly 10 years ago, the best day of my life, that I shifted my path. Having a drug-free birth after a medically intervened birth with my son brought me fully into my body. I knew then that I had to share this with other women. This work isn't just a career; it's a vocation that has chosen me. I am now merely a vessel, sharing my abundance, experiences, and embodiment in motherhood. It's God's work.
What do you enjoy the most about your work?
The empowerment that mothers feel once they've achieved their desired birth experience resonates deeply within them, transforming them permanently. This newfound understanding of why they exist on this earth is incredibly fulfilling.

What is the most memorable thing you can tell someone about your job?
Observing a mother stepping into the unknown, inspired and influenced by other women, has a significant impact on the collective humanity. As doulas, we're planting seeds for the future legacy of women, enabling women to birth closer to the essence of creation. When women achieve this, they lead by example to their sisters and daughters, following what we call the "red thread". This process minimises trauma and fear, and this is truly memorable and special to me.
Based on your area of expertise, what can you share with your followers about postpartum care?
What needs to be addressed even before postpartum is the empowered birth experience, which sets the foundation for a gradual and steady postpartum period. Investing in your support team and birth plan should carry through to your fourth trimester. As your doula, I want you to feel like the CEO of your family. However, it doesn't always happen that way.
My main focus is on the mother. I believe that when she's well, the baby is well. Transitioning from maiden to mother is pivotal. This transition should begin in prenatal sessions with your doula, moving away from the masculine and embracing the feminine. Addressing her mental and spiritual state, as well as the four pillars of well-being, is essential. Having a doula supports this transformative journey. Regular meditation practice significantly reduces stress and promotes a restful state, regulating the nervous system. Daily meditative rituals, supported by family, contribute immensely to the mother's well-being. Surrounding yourself with like-minded mothers who inspire and influence you is crucial. Even if your own mother and friends don't align, you can create a new community in line with your values. Your doula can help you connect with similarly-minded individuals.
Additionally, the "1.2.3 Tonic" from "Vital Veda" was a game-changer for me. I wouldn't recommend consuming one's placenta now, especially considering the effects of the pandemic. Instead, I suggest a burial ceremony led by your doula. This is a traditional ceremony inspired by my Maori ancestors, emphasising that life begins with the mother and ends with Mother Earth.
Parenting style: I am drawn to attachment parenting, including co-sleeping. I'm a strong advocate for Rudolf Steiner education, which nurtures children's innocence and fosters a wholesome upbringing.
Birth style: Hospitals, homebirths, and free births all have their place for the right mother. As a doula, I provide unconditional support for whatever choice empowers the mother. Having experienced a range of birthing scenarios, from interventions to drug-free births and even an orgasmic home birth, I believe that if I had the chance again, I would choose a free birth.

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