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"I realised that any action taken in a state of depletion would inevitably lead to resentment, while actions performed with a full cup would bring abundance."

-Fiona Agius

What drew you to this work? 

Before following my passion for pre and postnatal nutrition I worked for Corporate Ad Agencies in Sydney, London, and Vancouver. Those years taught me resilience and strategy, but it was the profound experience of motherhood that sparked my transformation. 
My journey into holistic nutrition and becoming a Certified Nutrition Consultant began with my own experiences as a mother. I realised proper nutrition's profound impact on my well-being and my baby's development, most notably after experiencing postpartum anxiety following the birth of my second child, Florence. After navigating this turbulent time, I found a deep desire to help other mothers do the same and undertook my certification with the Oh Baby School of Holistic Nutrition. 
Today, I bring the best of both worlds to my work – the strategic mindset honed in the corporate realm and the compassion born from motherhood. Guiding fellow mothers through the transformative stages of pregnancy and postpartum is not just a profession, but a calling. It's a privilege to offer support and expertise to others while aligning my career with my personal values.

What do you enjoy the most about your work? 

What I find most fulfilling in my work is the opportunity to establish connections with other mothers and witness the tangible impact my efforts can have on their lives. My approach goes beyond knowledge and expertise – it's about genuine passion and presence. My fundamental belief lies in the concept of nurturing well-being from within. By prioritising one's health and self-care, you can ultimately transform into the best possible version of the mother your child needs. This journey of self-discovery and self-improvement not only benefits the mother but also radiates positive effects throughout her family. The joy I get from witnessing this transformation and the profound connections forged along the way is what truly fuels my passion for this meaningful work.

What is the most memorable thing you can tell someone about your job?

I once sought guidance from an energy healer during my postpartum journey, (this was before becoming a nutrition consultant) and her words profoundly resonated with me. She said, "It's never too late to embrace your postpartum experience." Since that enlightening moment, I completely transformed my approach. I meticulously crafted a vision for my ideal postpartum period, outlining how I would nurture myself through nutrition, self-care, and healing practices. This was the pivotal advice I had longed for.

I realised that any action taken in a state of depletion would inevitably lead to resentment, while actions performed with a full cup would bring abundance. When I dedicated time to slow down and prioritise self-care, the results in all aspects of my life—be it personal, professional, or familial—were significantly enhanced. It became evident that self-care and the ability to know when to withdraw and when to expand are crucial lessons for all mothers to embrace.

Based on your area of expertise, what can you share with our followers about postpartum care?

Postpartum care goes beyond just 6 weeks. Western medicine tells us that the postpartum period has a duration of 6 weeks. But this solely focuses on a woman's physical state and indicates the amount of time a mother's hormone levels and uterus return to their non-pregnant state. However, this duration fails to take into account a woman's mental or emotional state. Don't let your postpartum period be defined by a 6-week time stamp, you can make it as long as you physically, mentally, and emotionally need to. And remember, it's never too late to have your postpartum journey.

Consider: actionable tips / practices, educational piece, insights into your area of expertise.

  • Consume nutrient-dense foods
  • Follow your hunger cues, we all have an innate understanding of when we are full and when we are satiated (listen to them)
  • Mindful eating
  • Meal prep, dedicate one hour a Sunday. You'd be amazed at how much you can get done in that time
  • Postpartum is a season of slow and it needs to be respected as such
  • Deeply nourishing foods play an important role in postpartum healing and recovery
  • Nutrition is just one element of postpartum care, consider support, rest, and recovery too


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