Practitioner Profile | Addison Landry, Founder of Uplifted Collective

"I dream about living in a world where we view motherhood with reverence and admiration.
This is why I do what I do."

What drew you to do this work?

Looking back, I feel as though this was already woven into who I was. My parents are both chiropractors, who lived a lifestyle that was health-focused, and different to the norms of that time. I witnessed my mum give birth to my siblings in a healthy and positive way. I helped take care of my brother from when he was a baby. So, I have always gravitated towards babies and my mother’s friends who were having children. My upbringing, plusmy experiences as a chef and caretaker led me here. I love nurturing others through food and care in all forms.

What do you enjoy the most about your work?

To stand beside someone and help them move forward in their motherhood journey with a sense of empowerment.

To see the community of mothers and families that I support thrive – basically to witness mothers thrive and witness how they step into their most radiant

selves as they create the life they desire. I dream about living in a world where we view motherhood with reverence and admiration. This is why I do what I do.

What is the most memorable thing you can tell someone about your job?

I have countless memorable moments doing what I love everyday. It comes down to all the simple moments, the moments of presence and connection I have with all these beautiful families.

Moments I cherish are:

  • When I see mothers and their kids enjoying the food I have created for them.
  • Witnessing the relaxation that occurs when mothers allow themselves to be taken care of.
  • The joy of seeing mothers trust themselves and their intuition.
  • Being welcomed back into the homes of families postpartum, and seeing how the kids have grown up. These are beautiful opportunities to strengthen relationships and to continue to nurture and support the mothers in different stages.

Based on your area of expertise, what can you share with our followers around postpartum care?

For mothers specifically, two tips I would offer a mother are:

  • To invest in nourishment through food, whatever that may look like. What we choose to feed our bodies has an incredible impact on our healing and energy levels.
  • To invest in care for your mental health. Our bodies hold an

    intimate connection between our feelings and mental and physical wellbeing. Pregnancy and postpartum is a time of profound change, a lot of emotions can arise and move through us.

During such a huge transition, we can lovingly support our mind and body to allow our system to digest and calibrate all the emotions that may arise. This can be past traumas, fears, unresolved conflicts, or even just transient emotions. As a MFT practitioner, I specialise in techniques that help the mother release and metabolize emotions and feelings. How we feel and being able to acknowledge the emotions that surround a huge transition is key in a healthy and thriving human, especially a mother.

Some suggestions:

  • Somatic body work
  • Meditation
  • Breathing exercises, breathwork
  • Psychologists - Trauma-informed therapy or anyone that resonates
  • Energy healing practitioner - Reiki, Emotion Code, Kinesiologist

Ways we can help women and their family in the postpartum period:

Things to do from afar:

  • Drop off meals—leaving at the front door
  • Purchasing a food delivery service
  • Contribute to a meal delivery service
  • Offering to purchase a cleaning service
  • Leave notes of encouragement
  • Supporting with care of any older children
  • Purchase an in home massage

If welcomed into the home:

  • Take their dog for a walk
  • Take the bins out
  • Help them fold a load of washing or put a load of washing on
  • Heat up a drink or meal
  • Ask the mother if she's needing a moment to shower or rest
  • Leave notes of encouragement

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