Mama Muse • Nikki Milivojevic

Mother to Sienna, Havana and Lucca - Melbourne, Australia
It was always in my heart to be a mumma, yet I was more focused on career and travel until I hit about 32 when I felt open to starting a family. I was living in the U.S. at the time, working in marketing and representing pro athletes.

A few years later, I met my incredible hubby and we now have three little girls: Sienna 5, Havana 3 and Lucca 1. We constantly get asked about a fourth, and perhaps in another life we would, but our three girls make our family (chaotic and) complete.

We were fortunate to conceive and birth naturally, which I now know is an incredible blessing. Well, all three babies were induced (39, 38 & 37 weeks respectively) and I opted for an epidural every time, gladly. Birthing Sienna was no easy feat (I'm still paying for it), yet thankfully memory can be selective and welcoming Havi and Lulu was a breeze by comparison.

What was your favourite thing about the newborn phase?

I loved being pregnant and I loved the newborn phase... every single time... all of the happy hormones and love pulsing through my veins, the depth of love and care that I felt for each girl was beautiful, unique, powerful.

What did you find challenging about being a new mother?

We were never blessed with babies that just 'slept through the night', ugh, that would be magical. Maybe it was my parenting style or maybe it is just how each of them was made, five years on and I'm still (massively) sleep deprived, yet thank goodness I'm built like an energiser bunny, I just keep on going! Needless to say, I dream about a night nurse daily! :-)

How were you supported during your postpartum period and what would you change if you could go back in time?

Ah, if only we were introduced to the Elan concept after having each of our daughters - I believe the whole family would benefit if there was as much emphasis on the wellbeing of the mother (who?!) as there is on the care of the baby.

We had only a little help during the baby into toddler phase overall... a little family, a beautiful nanny (Mummy Rosa) when I went back to work full time in between bubs, and the occasional sitter. My mother-in-law came to visit before Lucca was born and got stuck here during covid so the most help I was lucky to receive was from her with our third babe during this time. I do wish we had more of a hands-on community, and family living next door!

List your top 3 essentials for a new mother.

  1. Essentials for baby: a good stash of nappies/wipes/onesies (the super cute clothes barely get worn), a gentle bath oil and bath wash (QV was my go-to)
  2. Medela quick clean sterilisation bags and putting the change table at least waist high and bathing on the kitchen bench (your back will thank you later!)
  3. Essentials for mum: belly band, easy access nursing bra, Lululemon Align high waisted leggings

Are there any rituals or practices during your 4th trimester you'd like to share?

During the first few months with each of the girls we saw a lot of people (perhaps too many) as they were introduced to the world; I sung and danced; and it was sanity for me to get out, breathe fresh air and walk daily.

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