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"If I could go back in time, I would change my approach and accept help earlier, rather than trying to handle everything on my own."

-Michelle Lau


A brief description of myself:
I have two children, Otis (5 years old) and Finn (7 years old). I work as a Marketing and Communications Manager, and in my leisure time, I enjoy being a content creator and writer.
What was my favorite thing about the newborn phase?
My favorite thing about the newborn phase was babywearing and experiencing the all-day cuddles!
What did I find challenging about being a new mother? How did I overcome these challenges?
After the birth of my first child, there were two challenging aspects: feeling overwhelmed and out of control; and the change in dynamic between my husband and to overcome these challenges, I saw a therapist specialising in postnatal mental health. Through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy I was able to manage my anxiety, re-calibrate my expectations as a parent and I started to enjoy motherhood.
How was I supported during my postpartum period, and what would I change if I could go back in time?
I had a hugely supportive partner, and extended family, who would drop meals off or take care of my newborn so I could carve some precious bonding one on one time with my toddler. If I could go back in time, I would accept and reach out for help earlier, instead of trying to do all the things myself.
List of my top 3 essentials for a new mother:
  1. A freezer stash of prepped meals!
  2. An hour to oneself, where no one requires anything, even if it's just once a week.
  3. Kindness and grace towards oneself.
Are there any rituals or practices during my 4th trimester that I'd like to share?
One practice I'd like to share is finding five minutes in your day to engage in mindfulness, meditation, or breathwork.
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