The After Birth Podcast • S2 EP7 - U-Fhern: Mama of Four, Traditional Chinese Confinement, Elan House of Wellness, Supporting Modern Mums Through Traditional PP Care

In today's episode, we chat with U-Fhern, owner and founder of Elan House of Wellness, a Melbourne based business dedicated to helping women navigate the early stages of motherhood with confidence and clarity, moving back to a community-based model of care through a contemporary interpretation of the ancient Chinese tradition of ‘sitting the month’ (坐月子 – zuò yuè zi).
U-Fhern is a mother of 4 beautiful children; Juliette aged 6, Keira aged 4, Leighton aged 2 and Maxwell, who is 7 months old.
U-Fhern followed the traditional Chinese confinement period in varying ways with all four children and had support from her mother, aunt, a doula, and a live-in nanny.
We talk about the disconnect amongst women in the Western world and how the mother should always be at the centre of care and nourishment during the first 30-60 days after birth because this is our most vulnerable state.
U-Fhern also talks about the different aspects of confinement that she had to navigate such as boundaries, connection to her support people and how lockdown was a blessing in disguise for her.
Elan House of Wellness offers the ultimate pregnancy and postpartum selection of snacks and food supplies, combining nutrient dense ingredients into delicious and satisfying snacks that offer restorative nutrition, as well as mother and baby oils, mists, and moisturisers. They also supply an incredibly supportive postpartum planning workbook, all delivered Australia wide.
We hope you love this episode as much as we do and that you walk away from it with the mindset that the mother is truly at the centre of everything. May this find you and remind you to implement a period of rest and restoration in your 4th Trimester.
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