Mumma Milla • 'Sitting the Month' : Postpartum Perspective with U-Fhern from Elan House of Wellness

An M. Magazine favourite. We spoke to Elan House of Wellness Founder U-Fhern on her postpartum practices and perspectives. She is a wife, wellness advocate, entrepreneur, and mother of four children. 

When U-Fhern had her first child she returned to the traditional roots of her mother and practised 40 days of confinement according to Chinese philosophy. During this time, she came to deeply appreciate having the support of wise women – moms, aunties, and friends – as she embarked on her new journey into motherhood. She also saw the value and importance of ‘tribe’ and community. And as she learned about the healing practices and benefits of confinement, she began to understand just how important this approach to postpartum is for a woman’s beauty, vitality, and longevity.

 talks to us how mothers from all walks of life can include Chinese practices and philosphies to help us recover, heal and strengthen ourselves from the universal event of giving birth.

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