Father Profile • Leo Taliu

Dad to Joseph, Nicholas, Alexander & Stephanie
Melbourne, Australia

How did you support your partner in the early stages of becoming a parent?

I made sure that she was provided with everything so that she could focus on resting and being a mum. But I also acknowledge that the early stages of our first son as I wasn’t mature enough to know how to be a father (we had him at 19). Over time I have grown as a man and also become a better dad to our boys.

How were YOU supported and did you feel adequately supported in the early stages of becoming a parent?

I was supported by my wife. She held it down at home with the boys. I knew I could focus on working and providing for our family. My sister who moved here from New Zealand and has been living with us for 4 years. She is pretty much a second mum to the boys.

My brother and sister in law and their kids (who all the boys are obsessed with), our church family, friends and clients were very supportive. Feeding us and blessing us with beautiful gifts.

What is the best thing about being a parent?

The best thing about being a parent – hanging with my kids. Just spending time together. There’s nothing I want to do without them.

What is the hardest thing about being a parent?

The hardest thing about being a parent for me is the grind of providing for my family and living a good life. I want to nothing but the best for my family but with that comes the sacrifice of long working hours and not getting to spend much time with them. So the time I do spend with them I really love.

Share your top 3 tips or hacks for being a parent.

  1. Get your kids into sport or something that gets them moving.
  2. Listen to my wife lol

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