Father Profile • Daoren Lai

 Baba to Parker - Melbourne, Australia

How did you support your partner in the early stages of becoming a parent?

The best way I knew how to help my partner was to just be there, be present as much as I could even if was unable to physically assist. I felt that knowing that I was by her side sharing the good and the bad really made us stronger as new parents.

How were YOU supported and did you feel adequately supported in the early stages of becoming a parent?

Much of the support I have received has been from friends and family. The support network of young parents we are fortunate to have around us gave me so much more confidence stepping into parenthood. I couldn’t have done it without them!

What is the best thing about being a parent?

The best thing about being a dad is waking up every morning and knowing there’s another amazing reason to get up for. Parker’s smile is the sunshine of my life.

What is the hardest thing about being a parent?

The hardest thing is finding the balance between work, family, your partner and your child. I don’t think there’s a clear answer here but I think that being able to find time for yourself is also as critical which we all seem to forget or forgo.

Share your top 3 tips or hacks for being a parent.

  1. Everyone has their own way to parent so don’t overcomplicate or overthink things. You will work things out.
  2. Your baby can sense more from you than you think and it goes both ways. Sometimes to calm them down, you need to be centred yourself.
  3. Enjoy all the time you have with them as newborns as time files so fast and you will never get it back!
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