The Motherhood Studies Practitioner Certification™

I recently completed my Motherhood Studies Practitioner Certification and this course has opened my eyes up to see motherhood on so many different levels - culturally, socially, politically to name a few. I can't wait to share what I have learnt with our community but if you are interested in this space I encourage you look into this course as the work to change how we see and experience motherhood is the work of the collective. Early enrolment will open in October.


Heng's Wisdom - Motherbees

In this blog post, Founder of Motherbees and writer of The First Forty Days, Heng Ou shares her wisdom and tips when you find yourself feeling verbally or vocally stifled, stunted, or self-repressed.


She Said - Netflix

A biographical drama film based on the bombshell New York Times investigation, She Said follows the remarkable true story of how two reporters Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey exposed the history of abuse and sexual misconduct of Harry Weinstein in Hollywood. Determined to expose the truth many feared to tell, Megan and Jodi's partnership shook up the system and empowered courageous women to retake their strength through stories of survival which led to the Me Too Movement.


Dry Pantry Range

This month I have continued small doses of care for a dear mama friend. One of the items I have been making is the Lactation Granola bar. Even for myself 9 months postpartum, I can get sudden pangs of hunger whilst breastfeeding so this bar cut up into little squares is such a nourishing one handed snack. Recently a new thing I have tried with this dry mix is toasting the ingredients and adding a sprinkle of maple syrup, letting it cool then storing it in a jar with the chocolate chips and use it as a granola mix I can have as a topping for my oats, Nepalese pudding, Chia pudding or coconut yoghurt for breakfast or a mid-afternoon snack.

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