What if we could enjoy Motherhood, not just endure it?
with Dr Oscar Serrallach

What If We Could Enjoy Motherhood, Not Just Endure It?

Are you tired of just enduring Motherhood? Do you want to reclaim your mental health, relationships, and joy as a Mother? In this video, Dr Oscar explains the set up for the Motherhood struggle, understanding the role the nervous system plays, and how to move towards the realistic support you need to enjoy your journey. Read more also on our journal around Postnatal Depletion and how to support yourself.


NEW: Ready or Not Podcast & Witching Hour

Ready or Not is a podcast for and about mothers and parents who make work, work.Every Monday, their new bite sized banter-based podcast Witching Hour is released and I love the chemistry between the hosts Lauren and Lucinda. They never fail to make me laugh whilst discussing things from mental load to childcare challenges to celebrity divorces. Every Wednesday, interviews are released on the podcast, Ready or Not. My favourites so far include interviews navigating work and fertility treatments, queer parenthood and heartbreak.


Painkiller - Netflix

"Painkiller" is a fictionalized retelling of the origins of America's opioid crisis inspired by real life events. The causes and consequences of the epidemic unfold in this drama following its perpetrators, victims and an investigator seeking the truth and shows the power of Big Pharma.


Journal Prompts and Daily Affirmations

This deck of cards is to provide you with daily affirmations that will remind you of your power, strength and beauty. You can use the journal prompt on the back of each card to reflect on your labour, delivery and postpartum journey. Journaling has many benefits, including increased clarity, reduced anxiety and spend a moment with your emotions and thoughts. The early postpartum days can be such a haze and journaling allows one to go back and recount those often hard but precious moments and see how far you've come.


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