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Parenthood Podcast

Host of the podcast Leonie Akhidenor and I went on an exchange program in Beijing together during university and we crossed paths again 15 years later. Now both mothers, we both share the desire to alleviate different pain points on the parenthood journey. Leonie has beautiful energy as she brings to us weekly episodes that smash the stigma on struggles faced by parents. Whether it’s through interviews with experts, or confessions via The Vault, this is parenthood without the sugar coating.


Jessica Urlich

Her poems are all about early motherhood and they get me every time. They highlight the rawness, emotions of those early days honestly. Follow her IG @jess_urlichswriter.


The Partner Track

This show reminds me a lot of my start in the corporate world - a story of a young Asian female fighting for what is right and also a seat at the table.

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