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High Grade Living by Jacqui Lewis and Arran Russell

Another beautiful creation by my teacher Jac Lewis. I actually first met Jac at a High Grade Living workshop which then led me to my meditation studies. This is just a beautifully created book, well written and the images are spectacular. It can easily be a coffee table book but one you will actually want to reach out to and take one section at a time to live a more present and high grade life. From auditing your wardrobe, setting a daily intention or creative journaling, they can be taken bite sized.


The Memo

An informative, stylish and helpful resource to help guide you through many big decisions from pregnancy, birth and beyond. They have also just launched their first store in Armadale, Melbourne where you can discover recommended products and get advice and support.


The Lunchbox

A beautiful story connecting two strangers; an unhappy young married woman with a widower through Mumbai's lunchbox delivery system.

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