Rich AF: The Winning Money Mindset That Will Change

One thing I know many women struggle with (myself included) is finances. It might sounds strange given my Accounting and Finance background but it is something I tend to shy from. I think like many others, we find it an uncomfortable topic to discuss and share. But with many mothers being primary carers of young children, our incomes and superannuation are halted. And for those running a business, there's lack of consistency and often we are reinvesting back into the business. I'll be sharing some resources that I find useful and the first is Vivian, Your Rich BFF. She is fun and her IG is filled with useful tidbits.

Also taking a little turn from our normal Empower recommendations, I'm going to do a few fashion ones in the coming months. I have a love for fashion (blame it on mum who was already into Malonos before Carrie Bradshaw). I believe a good outfit can give us confidence and often new mamas often find they've lost themselves with little time on their hands and their new bodies so hopefully I can provide a little inspiration.

Mumma Mila The Leakproof Cami + Bralette



I love C&M shirts. Any shirt is handy when it comes to breastfeeding. I like to pair it with my Mumma Milla Cami or Bralette. Bonus if the shirt comes in a set (shorts for warm weather or pants) which Camilla and Marc often do. This combination is my go to if I struggle to think of anything inspiring but still want to look put together. Paired with linen pants or jeans and runners and I’m good to go!


Man on the Run’ on Netflix

With billions of dollars siphoned from the Malaysian people and spent on lavish lifestyles, celebrities and politicians. Described as one of the biggest financial scandals in history, which ultimately affected the Malaysian people and the future of the country. Born in Malaysia, this story is close to me. To know that the hard earned money of locals being spent on diamonds and court models and socialites, to create a Hollywood blockbuster, it breaks my heart.


Ultimate Dry Pantry Range

Our Ultimate Dry Pantry was curated and designed to provide ease and convienience for new mothers and their families. The dry mix has easy to follow instructions on the back, and are formulated with no added colouring, additives and preservatives. My kids have ezcema, and I made sure to keep this in mind to cater to my kids but also feed the whole family. The range is filled with savoury and sweet treats to fuel a mama. The Dark Chocolate Banana Bread and Blooming Bites make the perfect one handed snack for those sudden hunger urges during your early postpartum days.
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