Atlas of Motherhood

I don't know why it took me so long, but I've only recently discovered the Atlas of Motherhood and I can't get enough. Isobel is globe trotting to interview mothers around the world and dive into global care practices. Her information is evidence-based and she shares much of the research that she comes across in her Substack. Keep a look out as we will be featuring her this month as part of our Practitioner Profiles series where she dives into why she does what she does and why she is so passionate about postpartum care.


The Motherly Podcast - Marie Kondo wants moms to know that a little messiness is ok sometimes

Many of us might have watched and executed the Kon-Mari method in our own homes. However, just the thought of trying to keep my house tidy with little ones running around gives me the shudders. I prefer to think a slightly messy house is a sign of somewhat order but lots of fun! In this podcast episode, Marie Kondo shares with us how her own expectations around tidiness has changed since having kids and offers simple tips to engage children in tidying up but the biggest takeaway for mothers is to go easy on themselves.


Workin' Moms on Netflix

A warm and hilarious show of a group of Mom's sharing struggles of modern motherhood, juggling work and family, relationships, toddlers and tantrus whilst trying to achieve a sense of self.


Elan Postpartum Planning Workbook

Most expectant mothers DON'T consider the importance of planning for their postpartum journey. This was highlighted at the recent baby expo we attended. So much attention was placed on the shiny prams, clothes with beautiful prints, warmers for wet wipes and bottles. I built Elan to place priority and care on mothers. For them to feel prepared, well-nourished, and supported throughout their motherhood journey. Prepare and anticipate with our Elan Postpartum Planning Workbook, we have carefully curated over 100 pages filled with imagery, quotes, prompts and activities, calendars and checklists. A mother’s early postpartum days are often filled with feelings of exhaustion, loneliness and overwhelm. Whilst in your sacred window of pregnancy, jot down your feelings and create your village of support for your postpartum journey.


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