The Pacific Mother Film

I attended a special screening of The Pacific Mother this brought up so many emotions for me. I laughed, I gasped, I cried. Apart from a sudden wish to do free diving after watching the movie, I felt this beautiful energy of what it means to be aligned to traditional practices of the land and the sea on which you live and are close to. We really are at one with nature and the deep desire for one mother to be to search and empower herself with knowledge to create the birth she so desired is truly inspiring.


Serial: The Retrievals Podcast

The Retrievals is a narrative series that documents the shocking experience a number of women undergoing fertility treatment at Yale. A nurse, Donna Monticone, was found to have routinely stolen fentanyl to feed her own addiction. She swapped the drug with saline, leaving the women undergoing fertility treatment, to fully bear the pain of invasive procedures. It highlights the extent one is willing to go to have a family but also how women's pain is largely ignored in the medical system. The pain these patients endure extend beyond the physical.



I can't help but laugh every time Payal posts something up with her sons, I think its the look she gives at the end of each video and I'm like, "Yes Mama!". She documents tidbits of things she teaches her boys for the betterment of his future partner. I love it because they are simple things but so often we swat them away as "boy things" or put it down to "boys will be boys". And since I've become a mother of boys I do wonder how I need to parent my boys differently to generations before me but also show my girls the type of men they are deserving of. So instead of big fancy ideas, Payal has very approachable everyday scenarios that she addresses from "manspreading" in public to using the toilet to picking up their own shoes.


Hydrating Belly Sheet Mask

Our Belly Sheet Mask was designed to soothe itching and stretching skin as your belly grows. Especially in the Summer months when the weather is hot, a little TLC and time to connect with your baby and bump might be the perfect self-care.


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