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This month, prioritise the postpartum journey with insights from Freida Pinto. Experience the benefits of The Tenth supplements, developed by Frida Algars in collaboration with Dr. Serrallach. Discover the rise of BLACKPINK in "Light Up the Sky." Embrace self-care with our 28-Day Postpartum Package in collaboration with The Herborium.
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Freida Pinto
On prioritizing the postpartum journey

This gorgeous actor, film producer and new mama is also the chief impact officer of the American postpartum brand Anya. She talks about the highs and lows of becoming a mother, her decision to focus on postpartum instead of too much on pregnancy and shares her Indian traditions around postpartum care and how it compares to practices in the Western world. One of the many things I love about her sharing is around the transformation mindset from "pain" to "gateway" when it comes to birth.


The Tenth

A while back we had shared about the Postnatal Depletion Cure by Dr Oscar Serrallach. Frida Algars has partnered with Dr Serrallach to develop The Tenth after having recovered from her own state of depletion under his protocol. After taking my Chinese herbs during my confinement I have added these supplements to my daily routine and it has been amazing! I'm a lot less tired than I expect myself to be running around with 4 little ones. Frida has kindly offered a special 15% discount code for Elan followers. Use the code ELANEMPOWERS.


BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky

Still on a high from Black Pink's recent sold out concert in Melbourne, I revisited this documentary from 2020. It explores the group's meteoric rise and the challenges they face in a cut throat industry. It provides insight also into the world of K-Pop and the gruelling process the girls had to go through to reach this fame. Whilst the documentary doesn't touch on the commercialisation of young talent, it has been interesting to see the girls' progression at a group and individual level from performing at Coachella to signing endorsement deals with huge luxury brands.


Elan x The Herborium 28 Day Postpartum Package

I created this package as a real way to marry Eastern and Western elements of nourishment and self-care in those early postpartum days. Our herbal soups, teas and tonics are hand blended in Melbourne by The Herborium while we make in small batches the dry pantry items and bath sitz. It is a treasure chest of warmth for a new mother. By cooking at home, it allows for flexibility and freshness which is important from a TCM perspective. You will also find affirmation cards to support and encourage you as well as moxa sticks to warm you from the outside in. Truly a special gift for yourself or a loved one postpartum.


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