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U-Fhern emphasises the significance of the concept "first forty days" to her because it connects to her cultural heritage of Chinese Confinement practises. As she concludes her final forty days of confinement with her beautiful baby boy, she embraces Elan's "First Forty Days of Self Care Package".  She feels empowered by Heng Ou's words, which also refer to the concept of forty days of confinement. This book educates readers about the habits, rituals, and nourishing food you and your baby will eat during this precious time. U-Fhern also uses Tolle's infamous book to self-reflect, and she focuses on being present for herself and her family.


The Power of Now by Ekhart Tolle

A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment discusses how people interact with themselves and other. The concept of self reflection with the simple exercises help achieve living in the present.


Heng Ou's First Forty Days

Reading Heng Ou's First Forty Days really was a catalyst for me to create Elan. She has since put out a number of books and most recently she has launched an e-book for starting baby on their first foods. Food is very close to my heart (and belly for that matter), as so much of Chinese culture centres around food. This e-book touches on introducing foods to babies, creating a nourishing environment and healthy habits, rituals as well as recipes for inspiration if you're about to start on solids with your little one. Even if you're not I think one can find beautiful words of wisdom around intention and gratitude that Heng shares here.


Ready or Not Podcast with Justine Cullen

Currently the editor in chief of InStyle Australia, Justine Cullen has been in the magazine industry for the past three decades. Her life is full and fabulous but not without its up and downs. In this podcast episode she shares about her 4 boys, bouts of single parenting, book writing, fashion shows and all that comes with juggling life, motherhood, a career whilst staying creative.


First Forty Days of Self Care Package

When I had my third baby in the height of lockdown I wrote a list of little things to fill my cup. There was no time or opportunity for anything big or drastic so there were things like fresh flowers, a warm cuppa or a foot massage. The First Forty Days of Self Care Package was curated with this in mind, doses of self care and connection for a new mama in the first forty days. The package comprises of 40 pouches to be opened each day for your first forty days postpartum. The pouches are filled with face & body products, nourishing dry mixes, mindfulness support items, and self care accessories. We all need a reminder to take care of mama as well, even though you may be at the moment only thinking about the baby. The concept of "first forty days" draws back to my cultural heritage of Chinese Postpartum Confinement practices, and I really believe these 40 items will help implement some self care in one way or another in your postpartum practices.

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