Tune in for our monthly series with Elan ~ every month our founder, U-Fhern, will share items to read, watch and listen that may educate, empower and entertain the Elan community.

U-Fhern recommends us two novels she enjoyed recently as she learns to navigate her continuous journey through motherhood. She feels empowered by Rachelle through her Innate Tradition Physiologic Baby Care Course. Her favourite Elan product of the month is our recently relaunched product - our Birth Affirmation and Motherhood Inspirational Cards, to empower and remind you of the strength and beauty we hold as mothers.


Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Written by the author of Eat Pray Love, Gilbert shares her wisdom and unique understanding of creativity, showing us how the process can be tackled with ease and curiosity.


Innate Tradition’s Physiologic Baby Care Course

This might seem big in terms of time (6 weeks) and investment (approx $400) but small in the grand scheme of things. I love everything that Rachelle puts out there and feel like everyone should learn this before they become parents. This course touches on trusting our own parental instincts and returning to our innate design and babies’ biological blueprint to raise healthy and connected humans. Some concepts may not resonate or may seem unfamiliar due to our conditioning, but I’m one for learning and choosing to put into practice what feels most aligned to our beliefs.

P.S: Look out for early bird offers that are often available with Innate’s offerings.


Best Laid Plans by Georgie Abay

The Founder of The Grace Tales Georgie Abay writes an honest account about how life plays out and its all meant to be. The book captures Abay’s personal stories as well as those of others. It explores how to overcome tragedy and embrace the path you’re on even when things may feel like they’ve gone astray. The book also touches on the juggle for the modern woman; relationships, career and motherhood. I couldn’t put this book down!


Birth Affirmation and Motherhood Inspirational Cards

If you haven't heard already, we relaunched this set of inspirational cards. The set of cards now come in a recycable box (perfect for storing and gifting) and a wooden engraved card stand (perfect for you to place around your home or birthing suite). We wanted to improve our product for you to enjoy and utlise these cards in your pregnancy and postpartum journey. These cards have empowered me through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. They are a gentle reminder of the strength and beauty we hold as mothers.

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