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U-Fhern discusses her recent discoveries as she delves into Yung Pueblo's poetry collection, Sophie Wolf's interview about the spirit world and Sara Jane Ho's latest makeover series based around etiquette.


Clarity and Connection by Yung Pueblo

Also available as a book but this is a really easy listen as it is a series of poetry and short prose to help us better understand how past wounds impact our relationships today.



A Radiant Life Podcast on Spotify

In this A Radiant Life episode, Sophie Wolf of The Place shares her experience of connecting with her spirit guides. As a sensitive child growing up, this was often seen as inconvenient but it wasn't until much later I learned my sensitivity was actually my intuition speaking. Sophie shares how we can connect with this other world, free of fear in a unique, beautiful and elegant way.


Mind your Manners on Netflix

I've been following Sara Jane Ho for quite some time and she has now released a heart-warming makeover series on Netflix. I used to think etiquette lessons sounded a bit too snobby but really it is about making yourself feel confident and those around you at ease. I'm unsure whether a lesson on how to peel a banana with a knife and fork will be useful to you, but I'm sure there will be a tip or two in this show that we could all pick up from.


Hydrating Belly Sheet Mask

I am ecstatic to introduce our latest product to our body range - our Hydrating Belly Sheet Mask. The process started when I was newly pregnant and I am so glad I was able to test it on my growing belly. We went through many rounds of ingredient and design changes to bring to you this product to nourish and hydrate your belly as it grows. Often we will experience itchiness as the skin stretches and the mask helps to hydrate the skin especially when paired with our Body Oil. Think face mask for the belly without the holes for your eyes, nose and mouth. It is a perfect little self-care tool for you to slow down and appreciate the transformation your body is going through or have gone through. Perfect for yourself or a friend (pregnant or not!).

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