In this conversation Dr Sophie Brock speaks with Tracey Gillett, the founder of blog and community Raised Good on living in accordance to our own values. Since becoming a mother, it has taken me a few years with lived experience, education and working in the postpartum space to learn about alternative ways of being and parenting but all in all, I would say it has been a journey towards being more aligned and authentic. It is communities like Raised Good that has helped me do this. Every year there is a free Raised Good Summit where you can listen to many leaders speak to their respective fields. Not everything is for everyone, but I enjoy having this community and learning from things that I feel called to.


The Brand in You Podclass: How to show up with authentic gravitas

This was an eye opening episode for myself. I am generally on the quieter end of the spectrum and whilst I do well one on one, I tend to retreat to my shell in a group setting but as a business owner and leader I've had to push myself to step out of my comfort zone. In this interview, Carlii and Dr Newton explore the definition of authentic gravitas and the ways leading executives and entrepreneurs can be noticed, respected and listened to. This one is a powerful one whether you're navigating the work place, an entrepreneur or leader.


The Motherly Podcast - Jules Blaine Davis wants to reframe how mother’s think about food & home

This was such a beautiful episode to listen to where Jules Blaine Davis – a self-described “kitchen healer”. Her work, explores our relationships with our kitchen and how we can transform them into places of healing and nourishment. This conversation really resonated with me as so much of Chinese culture revolves around food. It is the love language of Asian families and our kitchen and dining areas are the heart of our home where the children gravitate to, In this conversation, Jules talks to Liz about the stories about motherhood we’ve inherited from our ancestors and what it means to truly nourish new mothers, who often don't prioritise themselves.


Journal Prompts and Daily Affirmations Cards

This deck of cards is to provide you with daily affirmations that will remind you of your power, strength and beauty. You can use the journal prompt on the back of each card to reflect on your labour, delivery and postpartum journey. Journaling has many benefits, including increased clarity, reduced anxiety and spend a moment with your emotions and thoughts. The early postpartum days can be such a haze and journaling allows one to go back and recount those often hard but precious moments and see how far you've come.

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