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This month, U-Fhern shares her co-sleeping experience, read the 'Are we All Secretly Co-Sleeping?' by the Cut. Feel empowered by listening to The Imperfects Podcast with Kemi Nekvapil where they discuss what success may look like vs what success should be defined as. U-Fhern also shares a bit about this in her latest journal entry around finding purpose and passion. Enjoy Zara Wong's newsletter Screenshot This! where she divulges the things she is currently coveting. Embrace our winter favourite; Nepalese Rice Pudding, available in our Dry Pantry Range, suitable for both mothers and families.


Are We All Secretly Co-sleeping? - The Cut

I feel like at 8 months postpartum I can’t really describe myself as being deep in the postpartum bubble but sleep has not been a friend of my little one. I feel pretty good and my secret is co-sleeping. I’m not advocating for one way or another but for our family with 4 little ones this feels like the only way I can get decent rest. 4th time round I feel so much more at ease compared to with my eldest where I felt I had to follow all the “rules”. Studies have shown that most of us do end up co-sleeping so it’s important to know what is the safe way to do it rather than avoiding it but ending up in more unsafe positions.



The Imperfects Podcast with Kemi Nekvapil - The Secret of Your Success


How do you define success? Such a powerful podcast to dive deep into what you really feel are markers of success. Looking at it from the head and the heart will likely topple what you THOUGHT success looked like. Check out my latest journal entry around my career and finding purpose and passion.


Zara Wong's Screenshot This!

Ex Head of content for Mecca and now Aje, Zara shares her picks and musings through her newsletter Screenshot This! To subscribe, check out link in bio. You'll find, maternity wear inspo, podcasts to listen to, all sort of things she is into at the moment. I especially love her Q&A's around fashion picks she does on Instagram.


Nepalese Rice Pudding

This month I have been cooking the Nepalese Rice pudding for a dear friend who has just had a baby and cooking a little extra for myself. It's a nifty little base to have in the fridge. It is easy to reheat when in a rush in the morning and you can add a variety of toppings to it. In this cold weather I've really enjoyed eating it with poached apples and cinnamon. The ghee is nice and lubricating for the tummy, and easily digestible for a new mama. It is gluten free and kids can enjoy it too with toppings of their choice.

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