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"If I can have every women walk out of Homb feeling confident in their journey into motherhood knowing their true self and feeling better equipped to deal with the bumps in the road ahead, I will feel complete. This is my wish for all mothers. We must change the way that we care for women after birth, the state of mothers mental health is plummeting and I can’t just watch that happen. Homb is where I want it all to change."

-Larissa Leone, Homb


Please tell us a bit about yourself and the work that you do.

My name is Larissa Leone and I am the founder of Homb, the first postpartum stay of it’s kind. I am a mum of 2 children, Valentina 11 and Sebastian 8. I am a wife to my beautiful John,  daughter to an incredibly courageous and strong mother Leonora and a sister to my gentle and kind Sarah.

Through your work/business what is the impact that you hope to make and why?

I want the transition into motherhood to feel different and change the narrative around care after giving birth. I want to be the revolutionary that knew this was the right path all along but we let ourselves be told otherwise. I want to empower women to know that they are valued enough to slow down after giving birth not too rush back into everything, to allow the time and space to reconnect with this new part of themselves and that that is ok.

How would you say you arrived into finding your purpose?

Suffering postnatal depression and anxiety after my first child I knew that there needed to be a different way of transitioning to motherhood. It felt so hard for me and incredibly overwhelming. I thought of the concept of Homb going through my depression and craved for a place like that to exist. It was never there. So now here I am about to open Homb a little over a decade later.

How do you balance your social life, work life, health, family?

I try my best. My health is my priority as I have learnt that lesson in the past too well unfortunately so I am very mindful of listening to my body when it speaks. I find if my health is in check I have more capacity to be with my family and am better at managing all the pressures of work particularly at this point as Homb approaches opening.

What do you do in order for you to carve out some time for yourself?

I generally have my Mondays as very slow days and I try and only have a team meeting in morning and even that is at 10am. I have really taken a different approach with creating this business. In the past I worked crazy hours and was never present in the day to day of my life because I was always consumed by other things. Now I am the complete opposite, and everything is actually easier, I have achieved so much more taking this approach to the way I live my life

What do you do to get yourself into a state of creativity?

Honestly, I walk, I intentionally move away for the thing that I am trying to create. I find when I do this everything seems to flow better towards me, I feel like I make room in my field for all the creative ideas to come in.


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