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Please tell us a bit about yourself and the work that you do?
Hey there, I’m Cynthia! Mum of two crazy kids, cook, cleaner and chauffeur most days but in my spare time, I run a small business called Lenny’s Granola which is where the magic really happens. We handcraft small batch granola that’s allergen friendly - we don’t use nuts, dairy or gluten products in our blends so to keep it exciting, our flavours are all inspired by our favourite desserts! 
Through your work/business what is the impact that you hope to make and why?
Lenny’s Granola is just the beginning and there are definitely wider conversations to be had around crafting more delicious recipes and more accessible food for those who are either allergic or intolerant to gluten, dairy, nuts and other allergens. There isn’t enough available to us that hits multiple allergies versus just one or two. 
Secondly, being a mum-preneur, and looking further down the track, I’d love to be able to support other women getting back into the work force through Lenny’s. I’d love to see a place where we are women led, where women don’t have to sacrifice career and family time and where women are supported and lifted up through their community. 
How would you say you arrived into finding your purpose?
Hmm… good question. I’m not entirely sure that this is my purpose in life but Lenny’s Granola is one of the steps in my journey . But I am a believer of leaning into the universe and this is what the universe has given me right now. 
Lenny’s Granola was inspired by my children, one a fussy lunch box eater and the other with a dairy allergy. What was initially just homemade granola in a lunchbox, suddenly became a breakfast and snack idea when my littlest was diagnosed with a dairy allergy through a series of food elimination challenges. If anyone has ever done a food elimination challenge, you know it is a LONG road ahead. So that’s where we are now! 
How do you balance your social life, work life, health, family?
Is there ever any balance when you are a mum? I used to live in Asia where it was a work hard play hard lifestyle but since moving home and having children, I really enjoy being at home. As a family we try not to pack in our days with too many activities and outings to avoid stretching everyone out. 
What do you do in order for you to carve out some time for yourself?
I always try to listen to my body and know when it’s time to take a step back. A lunch with a friend, a walk or even a session with my TCM practitioner usually helps me reset and recharge.
What do you do to get yourself into a state of creativity?
Being outdoors and in nature really helps! 
But just listening and opening your eyes to what’s around you can inspire creativity. 


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